Inside the wardrobes and homes of the region’s most respected trendsetters and tastemakers. Today we visit fashionista Lilian Afshar.

Who: Lilian Afshar | Age: 23 | Nationality: British/Iranian  | Profession: Founder of L’AFSHAR Clutches

We first met the Dubai-based Lilian, founder of L’AFSHAR, at the launch of her S/S14 trunk show. Held at Hakkasan, the event was sophisticated, modern and full to the brim with extremely well dressed socialites along with her line of bug-adorned clutch bags. Could you blame us for wanting to have a sneak peek into the new designer’s stunning home? Reminiscent of Miami, her apartment, situated in the heart of Jumeirah, is a blend of bright natural light and shadowy corners filled with flickering candles in all shapes and sizes.

PicMonkey-CollageEvery surface is filled with a collection of stylish, eclectic trinkets, from a vintage sewing machine to her vast collection of stunning designer heels. Fragrant flowers filling makeshift vases and empty Diptyque candleholders and jam jars prove how savvy this girl truly is. As we peer into her wardrobe her eye for fashion is clear with a fantastic mix of both modern and vintage pieces. We can see why Lilian and her collection have become such a style hit in the UAE.

My Beauty Secret: Green superfood powder. My favourite treats are Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant serum and the Aztec secret Indian healing clay facemask.


Bargain Hunter: I love The Reformation on Melrose Avenue in LA. It’s a really cool, environmentally sustainable fashion brand. If I could only pick one street to shop on for the rest of my life, without a doubt, it would be Melrose.

Style Icons: Natasha Goldenberg is my style icon. She’s so confident and adventurous when it comes to dressing.

Treasured Pieces: Anything with sentimental value, especially if it’s from a loved one. My vintage 1980s blouse, a gift from my aunt, and my mum’s gold heart necklace from when she was in her twenties.


Shop Stop: I just discovered stylenanda.com. The pieces are definitely worth the price tag! My favourite boutiques would be Browns London, Five Story in NYC and Barneys on Rodeo Drive in LA.

Uniform Of Choice: What I’m happiest wearing is what I feel the most comfortable and confident in.

My Wardrobe: Everything is hung separately and in order – I like things to be organised.



L’AFSHAR is available at S*uce boutique, shopatsauce.com

Photographed by Farooq Salik