Closet close up - Rima Zahran

Inside the wardrobes and homes of the region’s most respected trendsetters and tastemakers. This week we enter the home of designer Rima Zahran.

Who: Rima Zahran | Age: 31 | Nationality: Emirati/Palestinian | Profession: Designer

One half of sister design duo Dinz, which launched in 2007, Rima Zahran has style in her blood. Pulling up to her Spanish- inspired villa – and to our warmest welcome yet – we were spellbound by her effortless grace and in-depth knowledge of the local fashion industry; a truly inspiring ambassador for what it means to be stylish in the UAE right now.

My Beauty Secret: I’ve been using La Prairie caviar foundation for years. It’s magical!

Bargain Hunter: I love shopping at markets. There aren’t many here but when I go to the likes of Spain I find all sorts of pieces for next to nothing. The best part is that nobody else will be wearing them over here.

Closet close up - Rima Zahran

Style Icons: Olivia Palermo and Eva Mendes, although ever since blake Lively announced she was pregnant she’s been top of my list.

Treasured Pieces: It may sound so clichéd but my first ever Chanel and Birkin bags. I bought them with my own salary… and my entire salary at that!

Shop Stop: Shopping local brands is one of my favourite things to do; it’s all about finding the most interesting labels the region has to offer. My all-time favourite, though, is It’s wonderful when that little black box arrives on your doorstep.

Closet close up - Rima Zahran

Uniform Of Choice: I’m happiest when I’m wearing a fun T-shirt – usually found at The Zoo Concept Store – with Dinz jeans, a statement necklace and heels.

Best Fashion Advice I’ve Ever Been Given: Create your own style according to what your body feels most comfortable in and don’t just follow trends blindly.

Closet close up - Rima Zahran

Styled by: Alexandra Venison | Photographed by: Ajith Narendra