Emirates Woman delves inside the wardrobes and homes of the region’s most respected trendsetters and tastemakers. Today we visit S*ucey lady Melina Mitri.

Who: Melina Mitri | Age: 34 | Nationality: Greek/Palestinian | Profession: Head of PR & Marketing at S*uce

Melina Mitri is a true creative. The proof is in her ever-changing hair colour – one-day you can expect to see her with a pink wash and the next with black, purple and blue ombre locks (her current creation and our current favourite). As the head of PR and marketing for Dubai’s much-loved quirky boutique S*uce, she fits the role perfectly.


Born and raised in the UAE. Melina knows a thing or two about the region and is its dynamic unofficial ambassador – she really is a serious and much-needed breath of fresh air in a field that can often become saturated by pretensions. At the forefront of supporting new local talent, there’s never a dull day in the world of Melina. As she puts it: “Life is too short for less is more.”

Her apartment in Barsha is every girl’s dream – an eclectic treasure trove of trinkets and a walk-in shoe wardrobe. It is quite literally a hop, skip and jump away from the Mall Of The Emirates. Inside you can’t turn your head without catching a glimpse of something inspiring or eccentric.


As we rifle through her boxes of glittery jewellery and one of the best-printed T-shirt collections in Dubai, she hums away in the background, completely at ease. “I definitely like to have fun with my clothes and never take fashion too seriously,” she explains, while donning a bomber jacket with tigers climbing up the arms. We really need more people like Melina in Dubai….


My Beauty Secret: A different hair colour every month and regular SensAsia Urban Spa Tri Enzyme facials.

Bargain Hunter: The best bargains I’ve ever bought were at S*uce Lite at The Dubai Outlet Mall (I’m not just saying that)! I’ve got some gorgeous dresses including Tata Naka and Future Classics, not to mention killer accessories.

Style Icons: Dita Von Teese, because she is completely and unabashedly fabulous! I met her at the Sonar Music Festival in Spain last June and started gushing.

Treasured Pieces: Zayan the Label Penny dress, my set of three gold Mar Mar knuckle rings, a floral beaded headpiece from a vintage shop in London and my brand new super sparkly Venna necklace.

Shop Stop: S*uce, S*uce In The Hood, S*uce Gifts, and very soon S*uce On-Sea! Peppered, of course, with some key pieces from Zara, H&M and my favourite online site, nastygirl.com.

Uniform Of Choice: Right now I am happiest in my soft cotton floral wide leg pants and all the fluffy ironic sweatshirts I keep buying from S*uce. Who knew fluffiness and irony would go so well together.

My Wardrobe: Super easy-going, super colourful, super mismatched and super comfortable  – I’m tall so I only wear heels at night. I also find it hard to concentrate at work when I’m too dressed up. Go figure.

Photographed by Vikram Gawde