Inside the wardrobes and homes of the region’s most respected trendsetters and tastemakers. This week we enter  in to the home of Lina Mustafa, owner of The Luxury Arcade. 

Who: Lina Mustafa | Age: 24 | Nationality: Palestinian | Profession: Owner of The Luxury Arcade

As the head of her very own fashion empire, Lina Mustafa is at the top of her style game in more ways than one. Epitomising effortless cool, her sporty trainers-n-sweatpants signature gives her a nonchalant edge; a breath of fresh air in a country so wed to high-octane glamour. We travelled to Abu Dhabi to poke around her wardrobe, pore over her coffee table books and generally make ourselves at home. Do you blame us?

My Beauty Secret: I use a lot of serums. It’s really important for me to keep my face looking fresh as I rarely wear makeup in the daytime because I run around a lot.

Bargain Hunter: If there’s a shoe I want and can’t get anywhere in the UAE, I will eventually find it one way or another. I have so many stories of different struggles to get them…



Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn – I am obsessed with gorgeous eyebrows.

Treasured Pieces: My whole shoe collection.

Shop Stop: I love shopping at Montaigne Market in Paris; it’s pretty much perfect. It’s also a blessing and a curse that I own The Luxury Arcade because I’m a compulsive shopper. Every time we receive a new collection I can’t help myself!

Uniform Of Choice: It’s as simple as a leather jacket, Isabel Marant sweatpants and sneakers.

My Wardrobe: I look after my pieces in order of importance. My shoes are displayed on shelves so I can look at them easily. Then my jackets take pride of place and are arranged really neatly in my wardrobe. The rest is just folded and hung up randomly in my wardrobe.


Photographer: Ajith Narendra