Christmas in bloom

Now that the tree us up, it’s time to turn your attention to how you can make your home even more festive this season. Fresh flowers instantly elevate the room and there’s something really wonderful about the natural flora fragrance in the home.

Maison Des Fleurs head florist, Cheryl Cox, shares some insights on how to add a little seasonal cheer to your dwelling.

Maison Des Fleurs dubai christmas flowers

Frosty blooms

Choosing the right flower arrangement is crucial! Ranunculus, Anemones and Helebores are some of the flowers that bloom into the cooler months and can definitely brighten up the room. Surprise your guests as well as creating a special atmosphere – sending flowers at Christmas time is a wonderful, green way to celebrate the holidays and chase away the winter chills.

Wreathing that sparks harmony

Boost appeal by putting holiday décor near a window that they can be viewed from inside or out and decorate the entrance door with a wreath made out of pine cones. Wreaths are an iconic holiday decoration and are fun to pair with the lights you hung. We recommend placing the wreaths in spots that fit well with the rest of the house and decor. This can be achieved by adding one big wreath as a main attraction, or use many smaller ones to draw attention to your large windows.

Maison Des Fleurs dubai christmas flowers

Winter Wonderland

Not interested in stringing lights from your home or trees? Create a magical entrance by focusing on your exterior house and lighting the path that welcomes your holiday guests. Pointsettias and Amarylis are popular plants this season and even lasts all year! Add jolly decorations outdoors such as lights, pinecones and faux snow to add extra holiday cheer

 A December to remember

Don’t forget to decorate your dining room. This is where your culinary talents will be enjoyed by guests so it should reflect your blissful decorating as well. Try bringing your Christmas tree theme into your centerpiece arrangement. If you are going for a natural theme, bring the outside in with an evergreen centerpiece decorated alongside nobilis pine and red llex berries.

Maison Des Fleurs dubai christmas flowers

Who can resist fresh flowers?

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