This year, Christie’s are marking their 250th anniversary since their creation, and their 10th anniversary in the UAE. Christie’s being Christie’s – they’re doing it in style.

Their upcoming auctions, taking place on March 15 to 17 will see watches, modern and contemporary art, as well as style accessories on sale.

Since 1766, Christie’s have conducted some of the world’s greatest and most celebrated auctions, offering up an average of over 350 auctions a year in over 80 categories, be it jewellery, collectibles, wine, art and more, with prices for some of the more expensive items sold in the past at Christie’s auctions surpassing Dhs360 million for a single item.

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Introducing a whole new sale category on March 17, Elements of Style, Christie’s are making the most of flogging their over 150 rare collector’s items by breaking the auction up into the colours of the UAE flag (in honour of 10 years in the region), offering up their wares under the titles: Red, Green, Black & White, Blue and Beige.

Within the Elements of Style category alone expect 60 handbags, as well as jewellery, ladies watches, limited edition Montblanc pens, vintage trunks and luggage pieces by Louis Vuitton.

As a sneak peek of what you can expect at the auction, here are some of the items from each colour category in the Elements of Style sale.



Six different bags by Hermès, with the star lot being a Bougainvillier Niloticus Birkin 30 with gold hardware. Made in 2012, and with an estimated value of Dhs110,000 to Dhs146,000.

A Chanel single-flap red and black python classic, with gold hardware. Made in 2015, and expected to sell for Dhs11,000 to Dhs14,500.

A red lacquered Cartier pen, valued between Dhs1,800 to Dhs3,600, as well as an 18-carat gold diamond and ruby set watch, dating back to 1990 and estimated to be worth between Dhs110,00 to Dhs146,000.

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A 4.88-carat emerald and diamond ring size 6, set by Harry Winston, estimated to be worth between Dhs258,000 and Dhs368,000.

Drop-ear pendants, made from cabochon opals, black onyx and circular-cut diamonds, valued between Dhs55,000 and Dhs74,000.

Various Chanel or Hermès handbags in different shades of green – such as a matte dark green crocodile 2.55 double-flap Chanel bag, made in 2011 and estimated to be worth Dhs30,000 to Dhs37,000. Or there’s the matte apple green crocodile jumbo classic double-flap bag with silver hardware from last year’s collection for the same price.

FromHermès, there’s the granny swift leather Constance 24 handbag, estimated to be worth around Dhs14,500 to Dhs22,000.

Lastly, a kiwi epsom leather micro mini Kelly bag made in 2011 for Dhs7,000 to Dhs11,000.


Black & White

Black and White

Five white and three black Chanel and Hermès bags, with over 20 watches with black or white dials – and diamond jewellery such as the 8.25 carat cushion rose-cut diamond ring set by Sabbadini estimated at Dhs660,000 to Dhs918,000.

Tiffany ear pendants at Dhs22,000 to Dhs30,000.

One white and one black Montblanc fountain pen, as well as a Louis Vuitton dressing table made out of a vintage black suitcase with professional make-up lighting and a fuchsia alcantara interior, all valued at Dhs28,000 to Dhs44,000.

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A watch by Piaget, with moon phases and an adventure crystal dial, made around 2009 and estimated to be worth Dhs110,000 to Dhs183,000.

A Montblanc limited edition fountain pen from the Prince Regent series made out of blue resin and 18 carat gold for Dhs7,000 to Dhs11,000.

A limited edition Birkin bag made of bleu saphir, bleu iris and bleu de malte ostrich ghillies with permabrass hardware for Dhs73,000 to Dhs110,000, or a simpler version in bleu saint cry leather Berkin for Dhs26,000 to Dhs33,000.

An aquamarine, sapphire and diamond cuff signed by David Webb for Dhs551,000 to Dhs735,000.

A Tiffany multi-gem and diamond long chain necklace for Dhs73,000 to Dhs110,000.

A vanity case made of 14 carat gold diamond set, enamel and jade, made by Cartier in 1930. Worth around Dhs44,000 to Dhs51,500.




Limited edition matte poussiere alligator, tabac, camel, ostrich and sesame lizard grand marriage Birkin 35 bag for Dhs165,000 to Dhs183,500.

A Cartier wristwatch from circa 2000, more specifically a diamond-set Pascha model for Dhs147,000 to Dhs294,000.

A purse by Hermès in etoupe and bleu azteque Kelly flash for Dhs2,200 to Dhs3,000.

A Tiffany set of gold and diamond PALM jewellery, comprised of a necklace and bracelet designed by Paloma Picasso. Dhs30,000 to Dhs44,000.

A Louis Vuitton suitcase modified as a humidor for 100 cigars by Bernardi for Dhs25,500 to Dhs36,500.


Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. 

Christie’s Important Watches Auction, March 15, 7pm. 

Christie’s Dubai: Modern and Contemporary Art, March 16, 7pm. 

Christie’s Elements of Style Auction, March 17, 7pm.