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We don’t know if it’s the hit Netflix series Hollywood or our need to have a break from our daily no-makeup makeup routine, but these lipsticks from Christian Louboutin are exactly what we’ve been craving.

Velvet Matte Lip Colours have become icons for the brand and now they come in eight new shades, Silky Satin Theophila; Silky Satin Lusita; Silky Satin Catchy One; Silky Satin Very Gil and Velvet Matte Very Gil.

To give us some fresh spark of inspiration, they have been incorporated into six new LoubiLooks that also feature the latest Rouge Louboutin Nail colours.

LoubiLooks christian louboutin lipstick


With the help of Isamaya Ffrench, global makeup artist for Christian Louboutin Beauty, Christian Louboutin wanted to create inspiring looks that compliment a variety in women’s features and suit any skin tone.

Ffrench talks us through the inspiration.

How did you work with Christian Louboutin to come up the six LoubiLooks? Did you have a specific process?

There are so many gorgeous lip and eye products in the Christian Louboutin Beauty collection, I wanted to show their versatility and a way to create different looks using combinations of my favourite products.

The LoubiLooks were inspired by iconic Louboutin shoe designs. Do you have a favourite?

Each shoe is so beautifully designed and crafted. What I love about a Louboutin heel is the transformation it holds within. When you slip it on, it gives you a new, empowering kind of posture, and that’s what inspired me to help create these looks with Christian Louboutin. I’ve always loved the idea of transformation through make-up, and these six LoubiLooks are invitations to try out and embody different looks that could reflect different aspects of a woman’s personality.

LoubiLooks christian louboutin lipstick

LoubiLooks were the occasion to revisit many of the Maison’s signature products and also mix and intermingle them with new colours. How did you imagine the new colours?

We spent a lot of time working with different skin tones, creating gorgeous lip colours and shades of red that would complement the diversity but also be universally wearable by anyone! Christian Louboutin is renowned for celebrating diversity and it is exactly how we feel about makeup, there should be a colour to make everyone feel amazing.

Bring a touch of decadence to your makeup bag by shopping the range on christianlouboutin.com and at Christian Louboutin Beauty boutiques. 

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