She was working on a top-secret project in Marrakech

Chef and cookbook author, Chrissy Teigen, arrived in Marrakech, Morocco last Wednesday for a secret shoot. The 33-year-old social-media personality, took to Instagram and Twitter to share some super-relatable moments from her trip, which included a random tweet about Dubai’s Airport.


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Chrissy is known for keeping it real, so it was no surprise when the model got super candid on Instagram story about a skin issue that occurred during her shoot. The mother of two showed off her bare-face, and a red pimple that popped up next to her eyebrows on the day of the photo-shoot.

“So I’m getting ready — about to go into hair and makeup because we’re filming something awesome in Morocco, but what is this,” the Lip Sync Battle co-host joked about the pimple on her face.

Regardless of the unexpected skin issue, it seems like Chrissy enjoyed her time in Morocco, as she worked on her “top secret project.” Naturally, her trip included some of the top touristic activities, like a stroll through the street markets, a camel ride, and lots of Moroccan food – she even joked on Twitter about the weight she gained during her stay.


However, Chrissy’s adventures did not stop there. While returning from Morocco to the United States, the model had to endure a 14-hour layover in London. So how did she spend all that time? She took to Twitter to ask her 10.8 million followers, if she should stay at Heathrow or leave to a hotel, which led to a hilarious exchange between her and fans.

As fans started replying to her question, the chef revealed that she once spent 28 hours at the Emirates lounge in Dubai, which she described as a “delight.” This revelation didn’t go unnoticed by Emirates Airline, who joined the conversation, expressing their excitement.

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