If chocolate’s a staple part of your diet, you’re in luck.

New spot Cocoa Kitchen in City Walk has just opened its doors and its sole ingredient is one of our favourites – chocolate.

That’s right, cocoa is somehow involved in every dish, using sustainable, top quality cocoa beans and cacao nibs in all their forms.

Just listen to some of the breakfast options… Poached eggs and avocado salsa served with cocoa butter and toast? Yes, please.

How about shakshouka with cocoa nib salt? Well, they’ve got that too.

The lunch and dinner menus are equally creative, including cocoa nib and pistachio rice, cocoa crusted beef tenderloin, butternut squash cocoa ravioli and more.

cocoa kitchen

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Then of course, there’s dessert… Extra dark, 75 per cent chocolate fondant take your fancy? How about a Saint Domingue 75 per cent and Papua 37 per cent chocolate tart? We’re saying yes to all of it.

cocoa kitchen

Cocoa Kitchen marks Dubai’s first ever mono-ingredient concept store, coming as what would’ve before been a mere fantasy for chocolate lovers.

Don’t worry though, if you’re not much one for sugar, cocoa doesn’t necessarily have to taste sweet.

Cocoa Kitchen exists to show that either through subtle hints, or generous dashes of cocoa, numerous dishes can be improved.

“Cocoa Kitchen is truly a celebration of its namesake ingredient in its many glorious forms,” said Cocoa Kitchen’s head chef James McDonald. “We’ve scoured cocoa of the highest grades to offer diners an experience that is truly unique, inventive and something that will entice their taste buds like never before.”

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It’s definitely unique, we’ll give it that.

Cocoa Kitchen is located on City Walk, Jumeirah 1, Store B02-002-12, Dubai. 8am to midnight. Tel: (04) 5905070. cocoakitchen.ae

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Images: Cocoa Kitchen