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Fashion and art have long enjoyed a fruitful relationship, one informing the other for years. Think Andy Warhol’s iconic painting of Diane Von Furstenberg, or Phoebe Philo’s graffiti reappropriation for Céline spring summer 2014. They’re happy bedfellows to say the least. The latest in this storied history, however, is happening right here, right now, with China’s most exciting up-and-coming artist, Kim Xu, imminently launching an exhibition of his work in Harvey Nichols Dubai.

It’s a pretty straightforward example of fashion and art coming together; an exhibition set in an iconic shopping space. But delving a little deeper into the 32-year-old artist’s aesthetic reveals a strong affinity for sartorial inspiration, having previously contributed to Vogue with a feature (aptly) called Fashion Meets Art, and also producing a series of works inspired by McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi. It’s little wonder Kim Xu’s inimitable style has captured the hearts of the style world, fusing traditional Chinese watercolour techniques learned from his grandfather with more Western oil-based ones, to create ultra-feminine, striking pieces in arresting colours. In fact, the feminine form is central to all Kim’s work – so much so, that his latest collection is literally entitled, A Woman Is A Piece Of Art. A Woman Is The Whole World. Go, Kim! We knew we liked you.

Kim Xu’s incredible pieces of work will be displayed at Harvey Nichols Dubai. We’ll be heading to Level 2 in Harvey Nichols Dubai from October 1 to admire his work (the exhibition runs until October 31) and tentatively consider buying some of the stylish artworks – prices run from Dhs20,000 to Dhs110,000. Well, we can dream.

Our favourite artwork? A piece dedicated to our fair city, of course. A shimmering, celebratory work, featuring the iconic Dubai skyline and a fabulous fashion fairy godmother towering above it all, called City Of Blinding Lights. Bids at the ready…


Kim Xu_City of blinding lights_Dubai

City Of Blinding Lights by Kim Xu