Charlize Theron Adopts Second Baby,

When two become three. Actress Charlize Theron has added to her family by adopting a second child.

The Hollywood beauty, who already has a four-year-old son, Jackson, who she adopted back in 2012, has also adopted an African-American girl, born in the United States. According to sources at TMZ, Charlize Theron had been working with an adoption agency for six months in order to make August (her baby’s name) hers.

The Mad Max star’s latest addition to her family comes a few months after her sad split from her fiancé Sean Penn. However, that won’t phase the star, who has been a successful single mum so far, and always expressed her desires to have a family. She once said in an interview: “[I hope] to be like my mum. Fair, tough, and supportive. Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence.”

She also said in a recent interview with W magazine: “I do know that choosing to be a mum in my late 30s has been really great for me. It’s given me perspective.”


There were rumours that Sean and Charlize, a renowned philanthropic couple, intended to adopt a child together following their wedding, however while the relationship is off, the 39-year-old South African wasn’t giving up on her family dreams.

While Charlize is yet to comment on her new baby news she did wait until her appearance on The Ellen Show to gush about Jackson when he was adopted, so maybe she might be waiting to do the same.
“My mum said the most beautiful thing. I’m going to cry,” said the actress, who was united with Jackson when he was just nine days old. “She said…’It took me nine months to fall in love with you while you were growing in my stomach.’ She’s like, ‘It took you two years to fall in love with this little baby.’ It really took two years of just waiting and then one day it’s finally there. It just feels exactly how it’s supposed to feel. I don’t know how to describe it. It just feels right.”
While Charlize is technically a single mum the successful star admits she has a little bit of help in the form of her two pet pooches. She joked to chat show host Ellen: “From the moment this baby came into our home, those two dogs have never been more in love. People keep saying, ‘Oh you’re a single mum,’ and I’m like, ‘Actually I’m not!’”

 “The Pitt woke up with me for every feed, for every change,” she added, “and whenever the baby would cry, The Pitt would start crying.”

We wish Charlize Theron every success with her new family.

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Images: Corbis