Mark your calendars for the coolest nail launch of the year.

Chanel revisits the Le Vernis line and launches its latest edition, including 24-hues of (17 are new) mood-boosting nail polish shades designed to match every emotion. Making your nails a modern canvas for self-expression, the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio has given each shade its own character traits. Ranging from vibrant to mysterious, allowing the wearer to convey feelings and thoughts through the new emotio-nail shades.

Energise: reach for the energy-boosting radiant shades of fiery red, vibrant fuchsia pink, bright coral, and an intense plum.

Soothe: light pink or latte-coloured beige — soft neutral shades that comfort and inspire calm and serenity.

Bring Joy: opt for optimistic hues in fresh and light shades that encourage playfulness and mischief: a cloud blue, a fresh lilac or a zesty yellow.

Disrupt: break the rules in subtle dimmed and muted shades from pink-infused terra-cotta to androgynous gray with tones of khaki.

Strength: designed to be worn as a manifesto, select assertive and alluring shades of red.

Luxury: a festive antique gold shade that rounds out the palette.

To make it even more exciting, the new collection features a limited-edition Set Le Vernis that includes 2 sheets with fun nail sticker designs — allowing one to create unique graphic manicure and adorn nails with the iconic house emblems.

Swipe through the gallery below to view the collection. Available at boutiques and select retailers from May 25, 2023.

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