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“The lion is majestic; one can admire it, fear it, chase it. Gabriel Chanel decided to tame it.” Celebrating Coco’s admiration for the “king of the animals” is the Sous le Signe du Lion high-jewellery collection, which is travelling to Dubai this February.

The unique Sous le Signe du Lion collection, which will be on display at the Chanel Watches & Jewellery boutique at The Dubai Mall, fully expresses the breadth and extent of the brand’s high-jewellery creativity and know-how. It also represents the passion Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel had for the animal.

Sous le Signe du Lion collection

Born a Leo on August 19, 1883, under the fifth sign of the zodiac – the two numbers would be come her good luck charm, the lion would be her constellation –  Mademoiselle Chanel felt an affinity with the creature whose personality is “audacious, instinctive, passionate and radiant.”

Sous le Signe du Lion collection Chanel

“I am a Leo,” she once said, “and like him I show my claws to protect myself. But believe me I suffer more from clawing than being clawed.”


All her life Coco kept a lion statue next to her cigarettes and her scissors and engraved the lion figure on the buttons of her tweed suits. The creature eventually roared its way in Chanel’s jewellery designs making an experience in necklaces, broaches and pendants.

However, the lion is more than an inspiration – the lion is the spirit of Chanel.

Sous le Signe du Lion collection ChanelSous le Signe du Lion collection Chanel

Visit the mesmerising collection at the Chanel boutique, The Dubai Mall, which arrives at end of January. The collection will move to it’s next destination at the beginning of March.

Sous le Signe du Lion collection Chanel


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Main image caption: Coco Chanel sits at her home. In front of her, on the desk, you can just about she one of her lion statues.