Wednesday witnessed India’s triumphant redemption, marking the end of a four-year journey since the setback of Chandrayaan-2.

Guided by ISRO, Vikram gracefully navigated the intricate interplay of gravity and speed, touching down on the Moon’s surface. At 6:04 pm today, history was inscribed as India achieved an unparalleled feat, successfully landing Chandrayaan-3 at the Moon’s south pole. Notably, this achievement comes hot on the heels of Russia’s Luna-25 probe crash in the same locale.

This monumental accomplishment cements India’s position as the pioneering nation to achieve a Moon landing at the Lunar South Pole. Chandrayaan-3 is a testament to India’s strides in space technology, drawing global attention for its audacity and innovative spirit.

With a triumphant Vikram module touching down, ISRO’s S Somanath exclaimed, “India is on the Moon!” This milestone underscores India’s ascension into the league of space powers. The government’s push for private space endeavors and satellite-centric enterprises gains momentum with this successful landing.

From every corner of the nation, eyes were fixed on screens, hearts offering silent prayers as the spacecraft descended. India’s persistence bore fruit in this second lunar landing attempt, a mere week after Russia’s Luna-25 faltered.

Chandrayaan-3’s triumph is more than a scientific leap; it kindles the flame of inspiration for aspiring minds nationwide. It serves as a reminder of the significance of audacious aspirations, meticulous planning, and collective endeavor in the ceaseless pursuit of expanding human understanding.

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Images: Isro