To celebrate C’est Moi’s exclusive new line for Saks Fifth Avenue, we asked eight inspiring women to show us exactly why the collection is so perfect…

“Every time a woman wears one of my pieces, she owns it. Even the name C’est Moi means It’s Me – it’s made to be worn with confidence, comfort and a smile. I’ve always designed for the curvy woman – never a size zero – so if that means she wears it with a good pair of Spanx as well, then great. With creating a flattering piece, it’s all about the draping. The rest is a walk in the park. I take the cuts and patterns of the West and the embroidery of the East and combine the two aesthetics – they’re two huge plus points that make the collection what it is. It wouldn’t work the other way around – fit is absolutely key. That, and impeccable craftsmanship. In fact, I started my label because I saw a gap in the market for affordable couture.

Designer Rashmi Kumari Launches C'est Moi's Exclusive New Line For Ramadan

Sitting, Wafaa Al Tamsheh Mouhajer and standing, Noor Breish
Wafaa wears: Dress Dhs6,000, Shoes Dhs3,690 Christian Louboutin, cuff Dhs1,785 Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue, bracelet Dhs237,000 wrap bracelet Dhs253,000 both Bulgari, earrings Dhs925 Ben Anum at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, Noor wears: Dress Dhs8,500, gold cuffs Dhs595, Dhs935 both Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue, ring Dhs1,300 Y Eyes at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai. Both dresses C’est Moi at Saks Fifth Avenue

I’ve been designing for over 15 years now and I’ve seen so many changes – in the industry as well as with trends. I’m quite old school, for example, so I didn’t think social media could have so much impact. Now, any Johnny-come-lately can make a name for themselves if they have a good product, a strong Instagram following and are consistent – it’s powerful. In terms of a style evolution, everybody wears a maxi now. The myth has been debunked that short women don’t suit full-length – everyone can look good in long. Also, interpretations of the kaftan have moved on so much.

Designer Rashmi Kumari Launches C'est Moi's Exclusive New Line For Ramadan

From Left To Right: Shereen Mitwalli, Rosemin Manji, Narimane Kurdi
Shereen wears: Dress Dhs5,000, Black Cuff Dhs1,310, Gold Cuff Dhs515 Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue, Ring model’s own. Rosemin wears: Dress Dhs4,500, Shoes POA Christian Louboutin, Bangle Dhs350 Kenneth Jay Lane at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai. Narimane wears: Dress POA, Jewellery model’s own. All dresses: C’est Moi at Saks Fifth Avenue

[The kaftan] is no longer just a Middle Eastern thing, you see people wearing them on the Hollywood red carpet, or a hostess in one at a fabulous cocktail party. The great thing about them is you can dress them up or down. The ones I’ve created exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue are heavily embellished and in beautiful regal colours – two things the region responds really well to. It’s an incredibly special collection for me and it was great seeing all these accomplished women in it. Strong, confident women who, through sheer hard work and determination have made a name for themselves. They’re the complete C’est Moi woman – my role models and idols.” – Rashmi, founder of C’est Moi.

Designer Rashmi Kumari Launches C'est Moi's Exclusive New Line For Ramadan

From Left To Right: Rashmi Kumari Ahmad, Hana Elawadi, Hiba Elawadi. Rashmi wears: Dress POA, Shoes and Jewellery Rashmi’s own. Hana wears Dress Dhs6,000, Necklace Dhs4,940 Shorouk at S*uce, Wrap Bracelet Dhs253,000 Bulgari, Cuff Dhs1,985 Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue. Hiba wears Dress Dhs6,500, Headpiece Hiba’s own, Earrings Dhs925 Ben Amun at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai Ring Dhs375 Philippe Ferandis at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, Cuff Dhs1,370 Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue. All dresses: C’est Moi at Saks Fifth Avenue



“I always stick to the rules of Ramadan dressing; it’s not hard, kaftans are always in and Rashmi’s styles really complement my body” – Hana Elawadi


“Style here is always evolving. Women just know how to put things together” – Hiba Elawadi


“I love that here we wear so much colour – Middle Eastern style is all about celebrating glamour and femininity. I’m a girl’s girl, so I love it” – Rosemin Manji


“Whenever I have a special occasion I look to Rashmi. She’ll always tell me if something looks good or not – I love that honesty; it’s refreshing” – Shereen Mitwalli


“Middle Eastern style is really all about self-confidence and setting an example as an empowered woman. The UAE is setting that precedent” – Narimane Kurdi


“Wearing C’est Moi makes me feel like a Sultaness” – Wafaa Al Tamsheh Mouhajer


“These remind me of beautiful pieces I inherited from my Libyan Grandmother” – Noor Breish


Main image FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Wafaa Al Tamsheh Mouhajer, Interior Designer and Co-founder of Mouhajer furniture gallery, Hiba Elawadi, Blogger at Prettystoryblog, Rashmi Kumari Ahmad, Designer at C’est Moi, Shereen Mitwalli, TV presenter and entrepreneur, Rosemin Manji, Fashion Director at RR&Co. Bespoke Luxury Managment, Noor Breish, Fashion Director at Designer-24, Hana Elawadi, Blogger at Prettystoryblog, Narimane Kurdi, Managing Director at Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy. WHAT THEY ARE WEARING: Wafa Wears: Dress Dhs5,000, Shoes POA Christian Louboutin, coin cuff Dhs350 Kenneth Jay Lane at Bloomingdales-Dubai, earrings Dhs350 Philippe Ferandis at Bloomingdales-Dubai, earrings Dhs545 Glam Confidential at Saks Fifth Avenue. Hiba wears: Dress Dhs8,500 wrap bracelet Dhs253,000 Bulgari, cuff Dhs595 Glam Confidential at Saks Fifth Avenue, ring Dhs1,300 Y Eyes at Bloomingdales-Dubai. Rashmi wears: Dress Dhs4,500 Shoes and jewellery Rashmi’s own, Shereen wears: Dress Dh8,500.  Rosemin wears: Dress Dhs6,500, Shoes Dhs3,290 Christian Louboutin, Noor wears: Dress Dhs6,000, Shoes POA Christian Louboutin, necklace Dhs1,750 Ben Anum at Bloomingdales-Dubai, ring Dhs357 Ben Amun at Bloomingdales-Dubai, cuff Dhs1,985 Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue, Hana wears: Dress Dhs6500, bangles Dhs595, Dhs1,310 Kenneth Jay Lane at Saks Fifth Avenue, Narimane wears: Dress Dhs8,000, shoes Dhs3,690 Christian Louboutin, bracelet Dhs237,000 Bulgari, ring Dhs1,300 Y Eyes at Bloomingdales-DubaiI. All dresses: C’est Moi at Saks 5th Avenue

Styling: Carmel Gill | Photography: Martin Beck | Compiled by: Olivia Phillips | Hair: The Doll House, Makeup: The Doll House, Angeliqueturner.com & Glam Bar. Photographer’s Assistant: Barath Obama Jnr. With thanks to Al Nafoorah Restaurant, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, The Palm Dubai