Brian Atwood, the go-to shoe designer for many a female celebrity is coming to Dubai for an exclusive event and you can meet him.

On April 26, the handsome designer will be in Dubai at Level Shoes in The Dubai Mall to not only promote his new line of luxury footwear but to also meet some of his loyal fans and to offer live illustrations of his iconic styles.

For those who don’t know the incredibly handsome and photogenic Brian Atwood, firstly we would like to ask: “Are you serious?” secondly, here are five things you should know about the fashion star.



He modelled for seven years before being hired as a designer (see number two)


He got offered a job at Versace after he went all old school and sent in a handwritten CV. He was the first American to be hired by the brand.

brian atwood


His fashion designers are inspired by music.


His muse isn’t anyone in particular, rather confident women who express themselves freely. That said celebs who he thinks fit the bill are Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz.


His secret talent is that… he is good at karaoke.

brian atwood

Brian Atwood Karaoke King and shoe designer

Visit Level Shoes, The Dubai Mall between 4pm and 6pm on April 26 when Brian Atwood will be making a personal appearance and doing live illustrations of his iconic styles.