This social media movement is proving that weight is so much more than a number.

How many times a week do you step on the scale and measure your weight? Once, twice, maybe even every day?

But how often do you actually stop and think about your worth?

It’s an important distinction that is being highlighted by an inspirational Instagram account called @i_weigh. The account, which was created by British actress Jameela Jamil, encourages women to look beyond the number on the scale, and consider their true value in terms of their achievements and personal experiences.

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The Good Place star kicked things off by declaring her “weight” – which included things like “lovely relationship”, “great friends”, “I love my job” and “I laugh every day”.

It wasn’t long before the account reached 100,000 followers and hundreds of women started sharing their own “weights”, including Jamil’s co-star, Kristen Bell.

Bell posted a photo of herself to her Instagram Story, describing her weight as “A passion for equality. A partner who challenges me to see all perspectives. Two children who keep me laughing. Friends who double as family. Fiercely fighting for the underdog. A job that fully engages my brain. An emphasis on giving to others. The scar on my stomach that reminds me I did something extraordinary.”

HI KRISTEN BELL! Thanks for supporting our cause! ❤️ @kristenanniebell

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Shameless actress Emmy Rossum also got involved, admitting on her Instagram Stories that over the years, the scale had told her she had “gained and lost and gained and lost” somewhere in the range of 20 pounds.

“But that piece of metal doesn’t really know,” she said, before revealing her actual value.

Rossum’s post included “3 best friends since kindergarten”, “one happy marriage” and “100+ hours of television”, as well as “drive”, “kindness” and “empathy”.

Thank you @emmy

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So… how much do you *actually* weigh?

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