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Photography: Tomas Hein

Fashion Editor: Natalie Westernoff

Fashion Stylist: Kate Sinclair

Model: The Triplets / Elnaz, Golnaz & Tanaz

Styling Assistant: Sandra Blazinskaite

Makeup Artist: Lily Gregory

Hair Stylist: Asahi Sano

For the February issue, team EW wanted to champion women supporting women and building each other up. Whether you’re related or not, that spirit of togetherness has never been more important.

the triplets influencers uae dubai middle east emirates woman magazine

Harnessing the power of three, Iranian identical triplets Golnaz, Tanaz and Elnaz Hakkak bring a whole new meaning to being in the family business. Regularly spotted on the fashion scene, they run a successful Instagram platform with more than 300k fans that adore their matching style. Now London-based, the sisters reveal what it’s really like working together, what it takes to run a successful social media platform and how we can create our own sisterhood tribe.

How has your bond as sisters helped you through challenges?

We always try to encourage and inspire each other in different ways. We shared a unique bond growing up, and since we started working together our personal bond has turned into a strong professional one.

What has working together taught you about the importance of family?

We are very family oriented and our business success is based on how close we are as family. It has really taught us to be good communicators, have a better understanding of each others’ needs and encourage each other to achieve our goals.

the triplets influencers uae dubai middle east emirates woman magazine

How has your Middle Eastern background shaped you and your career decisions?

Being born and raised in Iran and coming from a family who are supportive and believed in our decisions was a huge help. They fed our curious, interested and creative souls which has made a great impact on our career journey.

How have you seen the creativity in the region evolve and grow?

It is inspiring to see so many young talents changing the shape of how others see the region. Social media has definitely been the platform that’s engaged all sort of creativity.

What advice would you give to someone trying to make a career from social media?

Find what you are good at and be a voice; there is room for everyone who knows what they truly want. Give love, work persistently and always seek improvement.

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Media: Emirates Woman