In a grand ceremony held in Amman, Jordan celebrated the silver jubilee of King Abdullah II, marking 25 years since he ascended to the throne.

The national event, which honored His Majesty’s enduring leadership, featured poignant moments and stunning sartorial choices by the royal family.

King Abdullah II’s Legacy

Over his quarter-century reign, King Abdullah II has been a pivotal figure in Jordanian politics and society. Known for his dedication to modernization and economic reform, he has worked tirelessly to enhance Jordan’s infrastructure, education, and healthcare systems. His reign has also been marked by efforts to maintain stability in a tumultuous region, emphasizing diplomacy and peace.

In his speech at the jubilee celebration, King Abdullah II expressed deep gratitude to his people, saying, “Today I stand among a great people, I am honored to serve their honesty, and I am proud to be Jordanian.”

Queen Rania’s Tribute to Jordanian Heritage

Queen Rania of Jordan, known for her elegance and advocacy work, attended the celebrations in a custom gown designed by Laith Almalouf. The full-length white dress featured a grey bustier, influenced by Jordan’s rich agricultural heritage and cultural depth. Almalouf shared the BTS process on Instagram.

“I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to design a custom couture creation for Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah,” Almalouf wrote. “The creation of the gown was a labor of love and dedication.”

Princess Rajwa’s Regal Attire

Princess Rajwa, who is expecting her first child, wore a gown and cape by Saudi designer Honayda Serafi.  Serafi expressed her pride in contributing to the jubilee celebrations, stating, “We are proud to unveil the regal bespoke look for HRH Princess Rajwa Al Hussein, specially designed by Honayda Serafi and crafted by the skilled hands of Jordanian artisans to crown this historic occasion.”

A Nation Celebrates

The silver jubilee of King Abdullah II was a momentous occasion for Jordan, celebrating not just a monarch, but a period of significant progress and resilience. As the nation honored its leader, the festivities also highlighted Jordan’s rich cultural tapestry and the royal family’s dedication to their heritage and people.

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Feature Image: Instagram: @rhcjo