25 February, 2021, marks Kuwait’s 60th National Day Kuwaiti National Day.

In honour of this milestone, Emirates Woman celebrates the incredible women of the country including Olympic athletes, fashion designers, royals, content creators and all of the women who have paved the way for Kuwait.

Noor Bin Eidan

We spoke to Noor, the founder of Done Interior on her vision for the growth of the country.

This year marks the 60th Kuwaiti National Day. What makes you proud to be from Kuwait?

Being a Kuwaiti female citizen is like being a double edge sword as I hold eternal love for this country. However, if it wasn’t for my consistent effort and endeavour, it would have been almost impossible to become the person I am today.

In just 60 years so much has happened in the country. What, to you, stands out as Kuwait’s biggest achievement?

Coping up with the traditions and what is thought of as restricted in our culture has probably made many women give up. It takes courage and audacity to stand up for your rights in a country like Kuwait. However, not only me, in fact, I’ve witnessed many enlightening Kuwaiti women outdone themselves to prove the true power they hold within.

What are your hopes for the future of the country?

I’ve spent most of my life here and apparently this is the only place my soul finds peace. I believe back then we’ve all had to sacrifice to become who we are today especially our ancestors. I am proud of the milestones we’ve been achieving as Kuwaitis and I hope we’d give better chances to our Kuwaiti women, who are pretty much proving their astounding capability in almost all fields by empowering them and also granting them equal rights.

Montaha Al-Ajeel

Within a few years of creating high-quality haute couture dresses, she’s won a number of prestigious awards in the Arab world and has become a role model in her own unique way.

This Kuwaiti fashion designer also shared with us her thoughts for the country as it celebrates its 60th National day.

This year marks the 60th Kuwaiti National Day. What makes you proud to be from Kuwait?

On a personal level, I’m proud to be Kuwaiti, as well as having participated in international fashion shows in New York, Paris, and London. The Kuwaiti ambassadors were keen to attend my shows. Kuwait TV and the Kuwait News Agency KUNA were keen to cover my participation.

In just 60 years so much has happened in the country. What, to you, stands out as Kuwait’s biggest achievement?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kuwait has carried out the largest evacuation operation in the history of Kuwait. It managed to return all of its citizens and students from abroad safely back to the country in a very short period of time.

What are your hopes for the future of the country?

I’m truly proud to be a Kuwaiti national, as Kuwait is the mother of three major symbolisms which epitomise it as the country of humanity, the country of good and the country of peace with a hope that it continues to embody these values.

Bazza AlZouman


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Established in Kuwait in 2014, Bazza AlZouman’s eponymous brand focuses on creating luxury gowns for modern women who love to be adorned in red carpet and evening gowns which are an ode to the founder’s signature style, representing flamboyant yet effortless pieces.

Hend Almatrouk

Kuwaiti architect Hend Almatrouk, the owner of urban design firm Studio Toggle, is a woman of firsts. She has been in the construction industry while leading projects of large scales and overcoming the challenges associated with it.

HRH Sheikha Bashayer Al Sabah-Arab

Her Highness is a successful businesswoman and the honorary president of the Arab Fashion Council in Kuwait while also being passionate about charities of all kinds. Known for her entrepreneurial flair, she’s become a social media success and a lifestyle icon for many.

Noha Nabil

This Kuwaiti content creator has also been listed in Forbes for being the top 10 most influential Arab women in social media. Nabil also recently launched her very own cosmetics brand while paving the way for many other women in the region through her entrepreneurial spirit.



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This Kuwaiti content creator has managed to stay on top of her game, while showing no sign of slowing down. Having been in the online space for almost 10 years, Asica has managed to cultivate an incredibly loyal fanbase of 2.6 million people, sharing creative posts and also sharing her personal life with her followers.

Rana Al-Nibari

Rana Al-Nibari (1)

Rana Al-Nibari is the General Manager of The Scientific Center in Kuwait, an institution that aims to promote science and environmental education and foster increased understanding towards a more sustainable future for Kuwait. Rana has long worked towards empowering youth in the country for a better tomorrow while she previously served as CEO of Injaz-Kuwait, a non-profit organization for education and training in workforce readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Najeeba Hayat

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The Kuwaiti creative is the founder and designer of Liudmila, which is a Milan-based brand of shoes. The label has gained worldwide traction for its beautifully handcrafted products made in Italy and sold around the world.

May Al-Qassar

The jewellery designer is known for adding her Middle Eastern roots to her work usually takes cues from the fluid script of the alphabets in the Arabic language with modern simplicity in each of her pieces.

Sheikha Majda Al Sabah

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Born in Kuwait, Sheikha Majda Al Sabah was raised with the mindset to chase her dreams, work hard and achieve them. While establishing herself as a beauty entrepreneur and philanthropist in 2007, she also set up the ASAP initiative, which is a private campaign committed to increasing mental health awareness and to destigmatise mental health in the region.

Her Highness Sheikha Intisar AlSabah

A member of the royal family, Her Highness Sheikha Intisar Salem Al Ali AlSabah is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, film producer, columnist and more. She’s an inspiration to many while empowering Arab women who’s at the forefront of her decision-making. She’s also the founder of Alnowair which is a positivity initiative and a non-profit initiative considered to be her biggest contribution to date to her beloved country.

Dana Al Tuwarish

The half Kuwaiti beauty entrepreneur is the owner of Cheya Salons, and has multiple branches in the country. Her business launched after she admitted she struggled to book a makeup artist and stylist when she had shoots that needed to be done early in the morning.

Aseel AlYaqoub

This artist is known for exploring her Kuwaiti identity relies on self-introspection to showcase her purpose in her work. She has always been fascinated by Kuwait’s transformation. She addresses issues impacting future generations and always addresses them through her art by giving them light.

Fahad and Shouq Al-Marzook

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Kuwaiti siblings Fahad and Shouq Al-Marzook are the brains behind the brand Marzoon, which was created to express individuality through the luxurious accessories collection with statement pieces loved by celebrities from around the world.

Fatema Alawadhi

While having championed modest dressing with a modern edge, she has inspired many up and coming content creators as she continues to amplify women’s voices in the country through her feed while experimenting with tonal dressing, giving it a new light.

Faye Sultan

This inspiring Kuwaiti swimmer competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics. She was the first female swimmer to represent Kuwait at the Olympics as she’s a true pioneer in this field while making her mark in the sports world.

Bibi Alabdulmohsen

Known for her fun dose of entertainment and humorous remarks, this Kuwaiti social media influencer started off on Instagram with beauty product reviews, in-store events coverage and engaging content and has now gained a huge following inspiring upcoming fashion content creators.

Dalal AlDoub

Dalal AlDoub

Being one of the most prominent names in the fashion and beauty industry, Dalal AlDoub knows the importance of staying ahead of the game with her note-worthy makeup tips and outfits.

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