Cave, Conrad Dubai

Forget four course meals and being packed into restaurants two-by-two, this Valentine’s it all about stripping the most commercial holiday of the year. Hold the cupids and red balloons; Cave at the Conrad Dubai takes things back to the basics with fondue for two. 


Exposed bricks and intimate coves, lit by flickering candlelight make for an unrivaled foodies paradise. Follow the winding room around and you pass leather quilted booths, fireside tables and a cosy wine bar. For those of you lucky enough to book early, ounge on sofa beds where you can relax back into a pile of pillows pull up a blanket and dine off vintage wine boxes.

Cave, Conrad Dubai


Relaxed yet sophisticated, Cave manages to find the right balance for date night.



Fondue for two. Is there anything more romantic than staring into the eyes of your loved one over a pot of bubbling cheese? If cheese isn’t your thing opt for chocolate and with each fondue being offered with a pairing of grape, your covered on all sides. For those with a bigger appetite it’s hard to resist a few extras off the Parisian inspired a la carte menu, from French onion soup to a smorgasbord of meats and all the way through to truffle chips, over indulging is a must.

Cave, Conrad Dubai

Why Bother

With some of the best French food and a wine bar stocked with over 500 bottles, there’s something for everyone

Go For

The Fondue. Need we say more?


 Cave | Conrad Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai | (04) 4447111

Valentine’s special offers fondue for two including a paired bottle of grape for Dhs210 per couple.