cartier, the proposal

The setting is Paris, the mood is love and the title is The Proposal. Bringing romance to cinema is director Sean Ellis who presents love stories, three couples, and three unexpected declarations in the latest film campaign for Cartier.


No woman can resist a good proposal story. Finding out how the love of someone’s life popped the question melts the heart of even the biggest ice queen. So when Cartier, whose solitaire rings are the ultimate engagement token, turned to the Oscar-nominated Sean Ellis to create an original advert, highlighting that special moment became the obvious theme.

Sean worked together with French screenwriter Olivier Lecot, to create three Parisian love stories in which the famous red Cartier box pays a surprise visit: at the Musée Rodin, in the lift of a philharmonic concert hall, and at Paris airport to enliven an existing marriage.

Between a game of hide-and-seek and misunderstandings, The Proposal is like an ensemble piece in which original romances intersect during the course of three proposals.

The first shows a youthful and affectionate treasure hunt in the gardens of the Musée Rodin, drawing to a close at the foot of the famous Thinker sculpture. This features the emblematic actress Christa Theret (pictured above), known for her role in Lisa Azuelos’ film LOL.

cartier, the proposal


The second story unfolds with a rushed series of missed opportunities in front of the lift in a large Parisian concert hall, where the doors consistently close on the lovers. These roles are portrayed by the young Franco-Irish actor Oisin Stack and actress Ana Girardot.

cartier, the proposalcartier, the proposal

And finally, the third is a completely unexpected declaration that unfolds in a dramatic turn of events at the airport, following a series of new developments between a husband and wife. A passport is stolen and returned and finally a surprise ‘remarriage’ proposal is elicited. This last opus is performed by Nicolas Bridet and Anne Charrier.

cartier, the proposal cartier, the proposal

These three declarations – made with the iconic box and the diamonds of Cartier – convey the romantic Parisian atmosphere, which is, of course, full of L’Amore.

Catch the full premiere of The Proposal, here: