Carolyn Murphy, Estée Lauder

Emirates Woman steps on set with mega-model and Estée Lauder’s long-time muse, Carolyn Murphy,  to steal her secrets for beauty at any age…

They broke the mould when they made Carolyn Murphy; a woman so flawless that she may well have been bio-engineered to give the rest of us something to aspire to. Supermodel, philanthropist and classic all-American beauty, she has graced countless magazine covers, enchanted the giants of the photography world and enjoyed an 11-year partnership with cosmetics behemoth Estée Lauder.

Currently the face of their Pure Colour Envy lipstick line, she has once again stepped in front of the camera for their nostalgic, 50s-style campaign. Emirates Woman were invited on set to watch Carolyn do what she does best, and to get the lowdown on just what it takes to look like that at 41.

You’re the new face of Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Envy range. What qualities do you think makes a woman enviable? 

Intelligence, confidence, manners, looks, and a sense of humour. Physicality is what most people notice at first sight, but I think genuine confidence and intellect is way more enviable than that.

 The new collection has an extensive range of 20 shades. Which one suits you best?

My favourite shade from the collection is called Envious; it’s the one I wore in the shoot. Red is definitely my go-to colour for events when I need to dress up, it’s a very classic choice.

All the shades are named after various emotions. Do you think lipstick has the power to change these?

That’s a tough one! When I wear the shade Envious, I feel strong, classic and confident. I also like to wear Impassioned because it’s more coral, which has a passionate and sexy quality – great after a day at the beach in summer. Insolent Plum is an odd choice for me but when I wear it, I feel playful and bold. Any lipstick is a great pick-me-up.

Is there a lip shade you don’t wear but wish you could pull off? 

I really envy burgundy lip colours on other women but it’s just too harsh on me. The shade looks great for photo shoots but in daily life I feel a bit overdone. It takes a very strong woman to wear a burgundy lip in the daytime!

What influences your day-to-day make-up choices?

It really depends on my mood or the occasion. If I am feeling quiet I’ll stick with beige or neutral colours but if I want to be feminine and seductive, I’ll go for berry or plum tones.

What’s so appealing about a slick of lipstick? 

It instantly says that the woman cares about her appearance, and that she’s confident and playful. As with all make-up, it’s also a great way to communicate creatively.

In Focus: The making of a beauty campaign

Carolyn Murphy, Estée Lauder

Clockwise: Retro vibes and sharp shapes, Posing like a pro, the model gets ready for her close up, A quick Starbucks break while the crew changes the set, Topping up her lip colour between shots, The wind machine gets to work adding movement to Carolyn’s hair, That’s a wrap! The final shot is reviewed on the monitor at the end of the day.


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