Carolina Herrera and Appy Couple

Fashion and technology have thus far enjoyed a very fruitful relationship. What started as heat-sensitive Global Hypercolour T-shirts in the nineties (clothes that change colour when you sweat, anyone?) has thankfully evolved into things like Richard Nicoll making a handbag that charges your phone, and 3D-printed jewellery. The latest in this line-up is New York brand Carolina Herrera who is joining forces with wedding app, Appy Couple – a marriage we’re very happy to bless.

Appy Couple, a digital platform where couples can create their own wedding application, is a nifty addition to any nuptials. The super-slick app allows couples to share their story, photos, RSVPs, messages, travel details and playlists – it’s a pretty seamless way to a) make things easy for your guests and b) keep another form of memento of your big day. It is 21st Century romance at its best.

It’s only apt, then, that Carolina Herrera, a brand so dedicated to modern femininity, would jump aboard and partner up with Appy Couple. A timeless go-to label for bridal gowns, Carolina Herrera is the perfect fit, but its cool history (associated with Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol and Studio 54) reveals it as always having been prepared to try something a little unexpected, so an app collaboration is no surprise.

Carolina Herrera and Appy Couple

Together, Carolina Herrera and Appy Couple have launched the Luxury Collection, a group of seven templates for the app, each with their own whimsical design – from vintage cabbage roses to quirky topiary. “I am thrilled to enter into this partnership with Carolina Herrera,” said Sharmeen Mitha, co-founder of Appy Couple. “Since day one, our brides and grooms have demanded a luxurious environment to announce, and share, one of the most important events of their lives – their wedding. Carolina Herrera is the perfect launch partner as this house represents sophistication inherent in the iconic style of the founder.”

They’ve tapped into something special, and in-demand, in the market; the desire for next-level personalisation. Now if only someone would do it for Facebook…

Download the app, here