According to a new survey by 83 per cent of employees in the UAE are feeling a bit stifled at work. With this in mind we uncover three key ways to transform your career.

A new survey conducted by the region’s leading job site,, has revealed that there is a growing career frustration among UAE employees. The main cause? Lack of goals, aspirations and little to no promotions or bonuses.

The survey revealed: “Companies’ HR departments are not doing enough to provide [their staff] with career development opportunities – including promotions, adequate appraisal performance systems, role enhancements, mentoring programmes and advanced training seminars – [which] they need to ensure professional growth.”

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The job posting site said employers should pay more attention to their employees needs with 85 per cent of UAE workers considering career development as “very important” to them, while 57 per cent want to achieve higher-level positions.

If you are one of the seemingly many disgruntled or unhappy employees follow our to tips below on how to make the most of your career:

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Get Out Of The Rut

This advice is for those who don’t want to quit, but have perhaps run out of motivation.

Set You Own Goals

Yes, you may be working for someone else but while fulfilling your job requirements it’s also empowering to think of yourself as self-employed and work to your own goals – things that will boost your profile and CV.

Dress The Part

We’ve all heard the saying: dress for the job you want, and it’s true. Looking stylish at work will help give you a mental and professional boost.

Banish Boredom

Can you do your job with your eyes closed? If you have answered yes then you need to start adding more challenges to your role, for example set an e-database that will help your team organise their workload, offer to take over the company social media – whatever it is just be sure that it will help build your CV for your next gig.

Take Your Annual Leave

You get a certain amount of holidays a year for a reason – you need them. No one will thank you or appreciate you for never taking time off. In fact they will most likely expect you to start to doing more work.

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How to prepare for a job interview

Get Paid More

If you have read our UAE Real Salaries feature and realise you are underpaid and definitely deserve more money for what you do (everyone feels under paid and under appreciated so be sure to be realistic before going for the kill) then this section is for you.

Do Your Homework

Research the market for the industry for which you work in and find our what your average earning value you is. If your wage is lower then it’s time to negotiate with your boss using your research figures as a guide for what to ask for. Piers Morgan once advised: “Whatever figure they first suggest, feign horror… this usually secures another 25 per cent.”

Think Beyond Wage

If your company is struggling to meet your financial demands suggest some sort of package, like extra paid holidays, annual bonuses etc.

Get On The Radar

In big companies it’s easy for your hard work to go unnoticed so try and increase your visibility by at least 20 per cent. When praised for your work, let the right people know. Be positive and not too boastful – there’s a fine line between boasting and arrogance.

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Get Out If…

Sometimes it’s a case of too little, too late, and no matter what the employee offers it’s time to leave. These are adequate reasons for leaving…

Your Boss Isn’t Up To Much

In an ideal world, your boss should be your mentor. Unfortunately this sometimes isn’t the case, which can be demotivating. It’s even worse if the boss doesn’t like you. In either case you’ll always be in a uphill battle that will do nothing but bring you down. If you get unhappy just thinking about work, that’s generally a sign to go.

It’s Ruining Your Personal Life

The rule is, never bring your personal life to the office. However, it should work in the reverse as well. You are entitled to a personal life – friends, family, relationships and hobbies. Your job shouldn’t be getting in the way of you living a full and healthy life. OK, sometimes there’s the odd emergency, and that’s fine, but this shouldn’t be a frequent thing. Value your worth. If you get no extra money and no thanks, is it really worth affecting your mental and physical state? The answer is NO.

Your Company is Sinking Or Downsizing 

If your company is going under it’s often better to jump ship first. If it is downsizing find out how this will affect you. If it means your workload will double or treble but your salary won’t then you need to think if you want that change in work/life balance.