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British model and It Girl, Cara Delevingne, has been named as the new face of Topshop. The 21-year-old beauty, who is known for her quirky street style and even quirkier facial expressions, is set to star in Topshop’s A/W14 campaigns.

Cara will be the global face of the brand, appearing in advertising and in-store graphics. It’s a first for Topshop, as they’ve never hired a model to front an international campaign solo. If anyone’s going to step up to the mark, it has to be model-of-the-moment, Cara, who’s been the face of Mullberry, Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent.

But she better make sure she gets her beauty sleep before her new appointment, as she’s just had a bust-up with US Vogue. Writer Plum Sykes, said they were meant to spend the day together, but Cara fell asleep so she couldn’t get enough quotes. Cara took to Twitter to slam the feature and claim that it was fabricated.

In the article, Plum wrote: “Cara finally appears, looking refreshed after her rest. ‘I’m so sorry!!!’ she exclaims, collapsing into a chair. ‘I fall asleep everywhere! Someone recently asked if they could publish a book of pictures of me sleeping, because there are so many.’”

It seems that Plum wasn’t feeling particularly forgiving that day, as she went on to say that Cara had been up until 5am partying with Lily Allen. “Dear reader, to misquote Oscar Wilde,” Plum continued, “can I say that to oversleep once for a Vogue interview may be regarded as a misfortune, but to oversleep twice looks like carelessness?”

Cara tweeted in response: “Why do people in the industry lie so much???? They would rather see you fail than succeed. What happened to supporting each other.” Get some rest Cara. You don’t want to rile Philip Green too.

Image: Instagram