We can’t wait to finally watch it!

Nadine Labaki’s latest film, Capernaum has had a great year, as it has been nominated for every major award this award season. Now, Dubai film fans will get a chance to watch the highly acclaimed film at Cinema Akil from March 15 to 29.


Lebanese director Nadine Labaki dines with Oprah Winfrey

Nadine Labaki, Talal Derki, and Rami Malek unite at Oscar Nominees Luncheon


The Oscar nominated film follows a 12-year-old boy who resorts to stealing and begging to survive on the streets of Beirut, and proceeds to sue his parents for bringing him into a world of suffering. One of the major standpoints, and what makes this film special, is that the majority of the film’s cast features non-professional actors, some of whom are actual street children.

The film, which is the Lebanese directors third feature, premiered May 17 at the Cannes Film Festival to a 15-minute standing ovation. The the movie went on to win its first award, the coveted Jury Prize. Ever since then, Capernaum was both nominated for a Golden Globe and a BAFA, but has lost out in both shows to Netflix’s Roma. However, the heart-wrenching feature is still in the running for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, making Nadine the first Lebanese female director nominated for an Oscar.

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