Candlelight was initially conceived as a classical music series with concerts featuring works by renowned composers, such as Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin.

Now, the ever-growing list of programs includes a wide variety of themes and genres, including tributes to contemporary artists like Queen, ABBA and more. This innovative format provides a unique live musical experience, offering a variety of programs to meet all tastes.

To delve further, Emirates Woman spoke to Milica Djurovic a Violin and Piano specialist at Candlelight Concerts by Fever to learn how her journey began.

Talk us through your background and career.

I’m a violinist from Serbia. My musical journey of 18 years led me to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in violin performance. Since 2021, I’ve been teaching violin and piano instruments in the Abu Dhabi UAE, nurturing a love for music in students of all levels. Started early to be part of numerous orchestras and ensembles, travelling and performing in various European countries and, more recently, in the Middle East. Met different cultures, and realized that we’re all connected through the universal language of music. Working with other musicians, as well as with students, helped nurture my skills and career growth.

What has been the biggest challenge to date and how did you overcome this?

The most significant challenge I face is balancing my time between teaching students and nurturing my passion for performance. Juggling the dedication required for individualised, one-on-one classes to help each student reach their goals while also investing time in rehearsals for our performances demands careful planning. Overcoming this challenge involves a lot of scheduling and devotion, allowing me to give my full attention to both teaching and performance preparation. Our concerts are a culmination of shared enjoyment in the music we create.

Are there any milestones you are most proud of?

There are several milestones that I’m proud of. Moving to the UAE has been a significant journey, allowing me to meet diverse people and share my love for music. Teaching students how to play the violin and introducing them to the world of music has been particularly fulfilling. I also take great pride in being the violin instructor of the Abu Dhabi Youth Orchestra. Additionally, performing as part of the ensemble “The Strings” at the Candlelight Concerts has added another layer of accomplishment to my musical journey. Each of these milestones represents a chapter in my musical story.

How important is music in creating the perfect ambiance – how does this add to the experience?

Music is essential in creating the perfect ambience and shaping emotions in listeners’ ears and hearts. We navigate through a variety of musical landscapes, from classical music to movie soundtracks and pop and rock genres. In preparation for each performance, we practice how to transition between emotions of each song quickly; from sad, intense or heavy tones to cheerful melodies during the concerts. Whether playing music from Hans Zimmer’s cinematic brilliance, capturing Taylor Swift’s melodies, or delivering the soulful tunes of Whitney Houston, each performance is an opportunity to connect with the audience on various emotional levels.


What is the most important to you when you are on the stage performing?

For me, the most meaningful moment when on the stage is the sense of connection—with colleagues, the music, and the audience. Every moment holds a unique value, and the feeling of creating something extraordinary with musicians is truly special. I dedicated my whole life to mastering the violin because I find enormous joy in sharing my emotions with the audience, making each performance a memorable and meaningful experience.

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