Candlelight was initially conceived as a classical music series with concerts featuring works by renowned composers, such as Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin.

Now, the ever-growing list of programs includes a wide variety of themes and genres, including tributes to contemporary artists like Queen, ABBA and more. This innovative format provides a unique live musical experience, offering a variety of programs to meet all tastes.

Emirates Woman spoke to Enkhmaa Tuvshin a Cello and Piano Specialist at Candlelight Concerts by Fever to learn how her journey began.

Talk us through your background and career.

My name is Enkhmaa and I am from Mongolia. I have been playing the cello for 21 years. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from the Korea National University of Arts in Korea. After completing my studies, I returned to Mongolia and worked with the Mongolian Symphony Orchestra, gaining experience at the State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre. Currently, I am employed at Juli Music Institute in Abu Dhabi as a teacher.

You have a passion for teaching cello – tell us how it began.

My passion for teaching cello originated from the guidance of my exceptional mentors. One teacher, in particular, conveyed the beauty of sharing knowledge, emphasizing, ‘It is truly rewarding to pass on what you have learned.’ Inspired by this sentiment, I found my calling to start teaching.

Enkmaa Tuvshin

During your studies in Korea, you performed in many Korean Orchestras and concerts, what prestigious ones did you participate in?

I would like to highlight my participation in university orchestra concerts during my bachelor’s degree. I had the opportunity to join the orchestra led by the conductor of the Korea Philharmonic. The experience was invaluable, and I learned a great deal, making it a truly amazing chapter in my musical journey.

How important is music in creating the perfect ambiance – how does this add to the experience?

Music sets the vibe and amps up the awesomeness. It stirs emotions, creates a mood, and adds something special to any place or event. I’m truly grateful for this candlelight concert – it’s an incredible experience for me. I’d like to sincerely thank the fantastic audience for attending and giving warm applause. I also want to extend my gratitude to those who organized this concert. Your support means a lot.

What is most important to you when you are on the stage performing?

The importance varies depending on the genre. In classical performances, my focus is on expressing and sharing emotions with the audience. Conversely, when playing pop music, I relish simply enjoying the moment with the audience, fostering a lighter and enjoyable atmosphere.

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