We need to somehow score an upgrade, stat.

It’s got services that you’d expect of a five-star hotel… but this is life at 36,000 feet.

Well, for those that can secure a seat on Emirates’ new first-class cabins, it is.

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The Dubai-based airline has unveiled the new private suites onboard its fleet of Boeing 777s, and they look set to make long-haul travel something to look forward to, rather than actively dread.


(We’ve done a few 15+ hour stretches in our time, and have just spent what feels like the entire flight watching the clock tick by).

emirates first class

So, just what is it about the suites that have us daydreaming about an upgrade? Well, they’re completely closed off with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors (hello total privacy), with a little service window where passengers can be served food and drink relatively undisturbed.

Each suite weighs in at a luxuriously roomy 40 square feet, with a fully-flat leather bed that has something called a “zero-gravity” position inspired by NASA technology.

(It’s meant to give a feeling of relaxation and weightlessness, rather than have you feeling like you’re hurtling towards the Moon at orbital velocity).

There are also in-suite binoculars to explore the skies in detail, and virtual windows for suites in the middle aisle (where passengers will get a real-time view at the landscape from cameras fitted outside the aircraft).

emirates first class

First-class fliers also get video calling technology to communicate with the crew, a personal mini bar, noise-cancelling headphones, and toiletries from Byredo and Bulgari.

For bed time, they’ll also receive hydrating pyjamas lined with billions of capsules which release skin-softening sea kelp when worn.

The design of the suites has been inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a vehicle which first-class passengers will get a ride to and from the airport in as part of their ticket.

Other cabins have had upgrade too, with new colour schemes and mood lighting.

emirates economy

“Aside from our new fully enclosed private suites, business class features our latest fully-flat leather seats with personal minibars,” said Emirates’ president Sir Tim Clark.

“Economy class seats have adjustable full leather headrests, and the inflight entertainment system has been upgraded for all cabin classes.”

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The revamped Boeing 777s will be opened up to the public on December 1, starting off with routes to Geneva and Brussels.

We’ll be the ones loitering around the first-class checkins, just hoping for an upgrade…

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