Apple users can now securely unlock their iPhones when attempting to use the Face ID technology while wearing a face mask, however, it comes with a catch.

With exciting new features being added, this breakthrough technology only works when iPhone users also have an Apple Watch while wearing the face mask. With your phone and watch in close proximity, you can get through your day without having to constantly enter your passcode even while wearing a facemask, which has become the new norm.

To set it up, one must install the iOS 14.5 on their devices, and kickstart the feature with the option ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’, with the watch itself running on WatchOS 7.4.

Once the feature is switched on, the device can easily be unlocked once you lift it across your face, after which a small vibration is then received on your wrist to send a signal to your Apple Watch for unlocking your iPhone without a passcode.

In addition, the latest iOS 14.5 features also include new emojis representing couples, along with diverse Siri voices to add to the brand’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion with the neural text to speech technology for an incredibly natural sound. With new privacy controls allowing the iPhone experience to be elevated, this is also aimed to protect the privacy of its users.

The free software update is now available and for more information visit

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Feature image: Pexels by Anna Shvets