Cafe Belge

Cafe Belge has it all for a romantic night out on the tiles. An oyster bar where you can sit and sip champagne, a long bar to imbibe your (his) favourite beer and French-style seating to ensure an intimate night out.


Contemporary Art Deco at its best, if you love NYC bars past or present, book a table at Cafe Belge. The tiled floor takes you back to the Gatsby days as does the framed 1930s prints that parade on the walls. Cabaret chairs line the tables with banquettes on the other. The main, candle lit room creates a romantic but certainly ritzy ambience.

 Cafe Belge


If you are in love with the nightlife in Manhattan, make your way reservation now. Suits straight from DIFC sip beers at the bar while media types order oysters and champagne. The outdoor terrace allows for cigars and shisha – throw in a bit of jazz and you won’t want to night to end.

 Cafe Belge


For Valentine’s Day, the chefs have come up with a menu that is hard to beat. On arrival, you can choose from a glass of rose champagne or strawberry beer. It’s oysters and caviar to start followed by a foie gras terrine served with beetroot chutney, micro greens with about the best-toasted brioche we’ve tasted. The main course is a roasted duck breast with organic baby vegetables, which is sufficiently succulent. The finish, white chocolate ice cream is served with raspberry caviar and cherry blossom.

Cafe Belge

Why Bother

To begin, the food is absolutely delicious and super fresh. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly (and handsome) and can answer any questions you may have about the food and beverage, which is comforting if you are a diner that has very specific requests. When you walk through the door you feel like you are in a cosmopolitan bar where Mr Big and Carrie would call their second home, which is a refreshing change and last but not least it’s excellent value for money.

Go For

The incredibly tasty food, good-mood ambience and the beverage menu, which is outstanding whatever your tipple.


Cafe Belge | The Ritz Carlton DIFC  | (04) 3722222

The special Valentine’s Day menu is Dhs800 per couple