If you can imagine your favourite fashion and homeware brands marrying and having children, C. Wonder store and its entire contents would be the result. The new lifestyle boutique at Mall Of The Emirates, offers designer-style and lust-worthy monogramming products, all without the expensive price tag. Of course it’s not exactly the same quality as you might find in say Louis Vuitton, Longchamp or Tory Burch store, but it is a third of the price.   

Expect to see gorgeous statement jewellery, brilliant interior accessories, including beautiful crockery – some emblazoned with your own initials, which also make for perfect wedding gifts. There’s also preppy essentials of waspy-print blouses, honeycomb-heeled shoes and totes that look like the offspring of Maison Goyard.


If you wanted to put your own stamp on things then jewellery boxes, plates and even belt buckles can also come with your own initials. So where does Chris Burch, the man behind C. Wonder, and the ex-husband of designer Tory Burch, really get his inspiration from? Well, he spends “1,200 hours up in the air every year,” heading to different destinations to soak up the environment, atmosphere, the art, the food and then translate them into his designs.

He says: “A pattern from a rug could be turned into a plate. Miami Art Basel or an antique market in Paris all are amazing for fuelling the imagination and I [always] leaf through thousands of fashion tomes and coffee table art books, I never stop looking.”

Well, we’re pretty glad about that… See below for our top five C. Wonder products…



1)    Almond Toe Chunky Honeycomb Heel Pump Dhs550

2)    Monogram Glass Plate Dhs55

3)    Reversible Pebbled Leather Belt Dhs225 and Buckle Gold Dhs125

4)    Printed PVC Signature Tote Dhs350

5)    Garden Party Necklace Dhs595

Visit the C. Wonder store in Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai