The beauty world is not short of exciting makeup launches, but this latest entry into the space has editors and makeup experts positively giddy with excitement.

The definition of minimalist cool, cult brand Byredo has branched out into clean makeup and it’s like nothing you have ever seen. Not only does the packaging remind you of modern works of art but the formulations have all been designed in collaboration with leading makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

“Makeup came to mind almost 5 years ago and the difficulty at the time is that it was the only category I had no experience with,” Byredo’s founder Ben Gorham said over a Zoom press briefing. “I had a difficult time translating to it in a practical and emotional way so that project was put on ice for a few years. I then met Isamaya Ffrench and I found her work extremely interesting and I felt that I shared a sensibility with Isamaya which could translate to a collaborative project.”

Two years in the making, Byredo makeup is set to launch next month with versatility, as well as universally flattering colours, at the core of the collection. Both Ffrench and Gorham wanted the collection to be approachable and wearable, for example, the Colour Sticks (available in 16 shades) can be worn on eyes, lips or cheeks, while each of the three eyeshadow palettes (that come in beautiful gold packaging mimicking an oyster shell) offer complimentary shades that work together beautifully.


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Each compact features five pressed powder colours utilising three different finishes: matte, metallic and ultra-glitter. Lightweight and long-lasting with easy to blend textures, the palette encourages you to apply with the fingertips – its five colours reflecting the five fingers. But that’s not all. In February the brand will be introducing The Eyeshadow Palette 18 Colours. It will come in a metallic container and is built around a variation and gradation of six key colours evoking the rainbow: red, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. It utilises three different finishes: matte, metallic and ultra-glitter.

“When we looked at the market, and me as a complete outsider, I felt all the brands were competing with the same products,” continues Gorham. “We wanted to create something unique, a progression of what colour can be in someone’s life. It’s always been our motto to challenge the norm and that was our focus. I believe we are creating the future needs of the market.”

Just like with fragrance, Byredo makeup is all about emotion but also simplicity. The skinny wand mascara is as black and effective as a reliable mascara should be, while the black eyeliner with a skinny tip is exactly what you want from a precise eyeliner.


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Sometimes it’s best to keep the classics simple and play with colours and textures elsewhere, like the lipstick for example. Ffrench created Rouge à lèvres in both the shimmery satin texture across seven shades and powdery matte finish, available in eight hues.

“The way Ben approaches scent, that’s the way the I approach colour,” says Ffrench. “It’s a huge element of self-expression. Colour was the foundation, wearing things that you find to be very beautiful. The colour sticks were the first category we started working on, and I like the idea that you can have a range of colour sticks that have a naturalistic approach with how you wear them. You can wear them on your lips eyes and cheeks. I wanted to create subtle versions of colours that feel very natural. Lipsticks are all classic colours, we wanted to launch the collection with real Byredo classics like Byredo red and coral. They are vibrant but natural.”

There is also a clear lip balm that can be worn underneath the lipstick or popped on at night to hydrate the pout as you sleep.

“Makeups ability to empower people and express individuality,” adds Gorham. “Being around it but from afar has taught that it’s a great tool in expressing who you are and sometimes even who you want to be. After two years I’m more convinced than ever that it is and will become a pillar at Byredo.”

The Byredo makeup collection will be available exclusively on and on October 1.

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