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Spanish Actress, Úrsula Corberó is a breakout star on the international scene best known for playing Tokyo in the Spanish Television Series, La Casa de Papel, or known in English as Money Heist, currently trending on Netflix. Bvlgari’s creative director Lucia Silvestri told Emirates Woman in an exclusive interview that they chose Ursula as the face of this collection because “she represents many sides of a woman, much like the jewellery: she’s fierce, she’s feminine, she’s young and playful, and she also speaks to millennials.” The Fiorever collection is an all-diamond collection that interprets the classic jewellery motif, the flower, which is an official symbol of the Roman jeweller. The Italian house has been interpreting the flower since the 1920s and this new collection sees Bvlgari’s exquisite craftsmanship come to life in a bold and modern way. Here, Ursula chats exclusively to Emirates Woman on her new role as the brand ambassador for Fiorever.   


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How do you feel about being the new ambassador for the Bvlgari brand?

Very grateful and happy. Bvlgari has a long association with the world of cinema. My favourite actress is Julianne Moore, and I remember the campaign she did clearly. That they should have asked me to become the new ambassador is like a dream, a wish come true. It is an immense honour for me to become part of this family.

Bvlgari Fiorever Collection

This campaign has brought you together with Mario Sorrenti. How did you feel in front of his camera? Can you describe what it was like working with him?

When they told me that Mario was going to shoot the campaign, I didn’t quite believe it. Mario is an icon. Knowing him has been a privilege. He is a person who transmits a great sense of calm, but he is also keenly aware of his surroundings and he is very observant. I hope life will bring us together again; I love chatting with him, and playing in front of his camera, I felt free.

The idea of turning into a new person is very interesting for the spectator; as an actress you experience this in your work. What kind of woman did you have in mind during the Fiorever shoot? How did Mario help you become this person?

Mario told me he wanted me to be myself; he didn’t want me to play a character. We all have many characters within ourselves, we are not just one person. He gave me permission to experiment with different moods with each change of clothing, staging and setting. I let myself go and it was marvellous.

Bvlgari Fiorever Collection

What does Bvlgari represent for you?

A modern version of the Dolce Vita. Bvlgari has been creating spectacular pieces of jewellery for many years, but it has also been able to adapt to the style of the times. And this is because since the start it has always been a brand with a strong sense of personality.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I don’t have a definite style. I like letting myself be inspired by what appeals every day. My mood is not always the same, so my style can’t be either. What I do know is that I like comfortable clothes that are powerful. I like mixing styles, especially formal and informal. I love high-heels, sweatshirts and transparency. As for accessories, they always help me finish off my look. I love hooped earrings, handbags and sunglasses.

How do people who really know you well describe you?

They tell me that I am a scatter-brain, a party lover, energetic and have a strong personality.

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