As many single mums know, finding a job that will work around your hectic schedule can be tough… but it turns out it’s not totally impossible.

One Dubai workplace is championing the solo parent with an initiative that’s actually more likely to get you a foot in the door.

Tara Roux, owner of Kalm Holistic Beauty on the Palm Jumeirah, was inspired to hire lone parents after finding herself in a similar situation.

“My son from my first marriage was born three months prematurely resulting in severe dyslexia and major learning difficulties,” said Roux, who is originally from the UK. “To give him the special schooling that he needs has come at great expense, which has driven me to succeed with my business.”

Tara Roux Kalm Holistic Dubai

Tara Roux, owner of Dubai’s Kalm Holistic beauty salon

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Roux launched her salon in 2011 and has since employed dozens of divorcees, with 75 per cent of her current 36-person workforce made up of solo mothers.

Many have moved to Dubai from Asia and are supporting children left behind in their home country.

“Single mums are doing it on their own because the child’s father is absent for whatever reason.  This means the whole financial burden rests on these women’s shoulders,” she said. “I want to help them to give their children the best chance in life and go to university just like my son.”

kalm holistic beauty salon dubai

The beauty salon is helping mums get back on the career ladder

Roux is also on a mission to change Dubai’s beauty industry, saying that more focus is needed on employee satisfaction.

“The health and beauty industry in Dubai as a whole doesn’t have the greatest reputation and from my point of view, a shift in approach could help change that for good,” she said, citing professional mentoring as a way to help boost positivity.

Interested in a position? You’ll find Kalm Holistic Beauty at Riva Beach Club, between Shoreline Apartments 7 and 8, or online at

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