Inspired by the rugged landscapes and rich traditions of the UK and Ireland, Creative Director Daniel Lee has masterfully crafted a collection for Burberry that seamlessly blends warmth, protection, and outdoorsy elegance.

At the heart of the collection are the iconic Burberry trenches, reimagined in sumptuous moleskin alongside classic duffle coats and field jackets. Drawing inspiration from traditional craft and techniques from regions like Donegal and Lochcarron, each piece exudes a sense of artisanal authenticity.

Craftsmanship takes centre stage, with shearling, braided fringing, and fleecy wool adding tactile depth to the collection. From coats tailored in wool and cashmere to multilayered field jackets featuring faux fur and moleskin cotton blends, every garment is meticulously constructed to provide both style and protection against the elements.

Echoing the hues of the British landscape, the colour palette is earthy and organic, with deep browns, greens, and classic beiges dominating the collection. These colors evoke a sense of connection to nature, further enhancing the collection’s outdoorsy charm.

Complementing the outerwear are functional accessories designed with iconic Burberry motifs. Softly structured bags and shoes feature subverted finishes like washed leather, quilted shearling, and canvas jacquard, providing a practical yet stylish accompaniment to any winter ensemble.

True to Burberry’s spirit of innovation, the Winter 2024 collection celebrates creativity both on and off the runway. The show space itself embodies the outdoors, transporting guests into a world of warmth and protection. With an iconic cast including Naomi Campbell, Lily Cole, and Amy Winehouse providing the soundtrack.

Burberry Winter 2024 Show:

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