ralph lauren bruce weber polo

Ralph Lauren has turned to legendary photography Bruce Webber to create a dynamic campaign for the brand’s debut of the Polo women’s collection.

Bruce Weber first worked with Ralph Lauren over 30 years ago, with a strong knowledge of the brand as well as a powerful reputation in the industry, as such it was no surprise that the fashion photographer was drafted in for the new project to help create a series of campaign images as well as a short video which would help highlight the evolution of Polo Ralph Lauren.

The video titled I Fell In Love With You In A Record Store is set in a music store with a young, good-looking couple musing over records. The soundtrack spans over a series of popular genres from across a series of decades – a reference the brands progression.

The looks created in the video and adverts have been presented in a way that will make them future iconic images.

“From the very beginning Bruce understood what I was about and I understood what he was about,” said Ralph Lauren said about Weber, whom he met in 1976. “We shared a love for rusticity and earthiness. We had the same sensibility about realness and family-ness, and a sensitivity about fashion that is in a way non-fashion. We started working together on ads that shared those feeling. And, as the years go by, I’m always constantly looking at those pictures. And, they are me.”

Not only does the campaign mark the debut of the Polo women’s wear collection but also the opening of the new three storey Polo store on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

Brue Webber said of his recent project with Ralph Lauren: “We tried to make something like a suit – a little bit of classic mixed with a lot of street smart and what’s relevant now to us in our lives. The great thing photographing for Polo and Ralph Lauren is that we can always put something personal into our pictures.”