Emirates Woman discusses the innovation in semi-permanent make up with BROWZ Founder, Michele Barclay.

BROWZ is known for exceptional standards. Was this a key part of its DNA since the outset?

BROWZ’s prides itself on its high-quality standards which is an important part of our key pillars as a company. Innovation is key to our DNA; we are futuristic and pioneers within our field. As a premium beauty business, we are constantly evolving our products and services by travelling and sourcing international products and talents. We utilize our partners to operate in an ethical manner. We follow a simplistic approach to ensure our treatments are of high quality as opposed to quantity. This is part of our values as a company and applies to all areas of the business, from the hiring process to the beauty services that are being offered – it all aligns with our values. Our mantra at BROWZ is to make our clients look and feel the best version of themselves.

How has semi-permeant make-up changed and what is the approach you take now?

The semi-permanent industry is constantly evolving. At BROWZ, we strive to be the leaders in semi-permanent makeup by offering our clients the latest technologies and highest quality of pigments available on the market. Our approach starts with product development and education, our therapists are highly trained artists that are experts in semi-permanent makeup. They have attended international conferences in order to deliver the best practice for our clients. Fundamentally, they are simply the best at what they do.

How does lip blush work and how long does it last?

 The lip blush treatment enhances the shape and beauty of a women’s natural lip colour by perfecting symmetry and identifying the correct shade. Lip blush has multiple benefits, such as the stimulation of collagen production as it offers definition and the illusion of a slightly fuller lip. At BROWZ, it is very important for us that we deliver results that are extremely natural and long-lasting. In the case of lip blush, the treatment usually lasts between six months to one year.

Is there a much wider variety of shades to choose from and is this a technique that works for everyone?

There are lots of different shades that can be created to suit each woman. At BROWZ, we adopt a natural approach to semi-permanent makeup and specifically lip blush treatments and enhancements. We correct uneven pigmentations which are very common in the region and our experts are specialists in this specific area. They focus on obtaining the right colour, shade, and contouring to enhance a women’s beauty. Before each treatment, we offer all our clients a private consultation with our artists to ensure the client fully understands the process and treatment. Nowadays, the techniques are softer and the healing process is much shorter than before, it usually takes 3-4 days for the lips to heal.


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What approach do you take towards innovation at BROWZ?

At BROWZ, we believe in surrounding ourselves with the latest techniques that support the semi-permanent industry. For us, innovation is about working with like-minded individuals who are driven by their passion and talent. Our experts perform these treatments on a daily basis and for us, the approach to innovation lies in the training and development that comes into hand.

We are constantly innovating and offering premium services and techniques to our clients in order to maintain our high-standards. We spend time with our clients to fully understand what they like about the treatment. We work very specifically with 2-3 key partners such as Natura Bissé, Sisley, and M2 Beauté as their expertise and quality of training fully align with our values.

Innovation at Browz means offering the best treatment in the most ethical way as part of the beauty industry. If we do not believe in the treatment, we will not offer it.

Which are the most interesting new beauty technologies and techniques you’ve adopted at BROWZ recently?

At BROWZ, we are pioneers in semi-permanent makeup, we do not adopt to industry trends. We strive to be a voice of authority within the field and through the level of treatments that we have been offering for the past 20 years.

What has been a game-changer in your career to date and why was it so pivotal?

Today, we offer treatments in a very different way than we did 15 years ago. In the UK, semi-permanent makeup was always included as part of a menu in the beauty industry. We brought an entirely new concept to the UAE by turning it into a stand-alone store that specializes in semi-permanent makeup. That was a big game-changer. At the time, semi-permanent makeup did not exist and was completely unknown in the region. We specialized in this particular sector which is extremely niche and specific.

What or who is innovative to you and why?

Gwyneth Paltrow as she is extremely fearless and created a platform that captured the hearts of many women on a global scale. Kim Kardashian as she is daring, different, and always stands on her own. Robin Sharma, who is brilliant for creating a tactic that helps you think outside the box.

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