Looking to book an escape from the encroaching summer heat? You’re in luck, as we’ve found the best deals to keep you, and your wallet, happy.

We all know how unbearably hot it gets in the UAE, which is why a summer break is at the top of all of our lists, and it seems airlines are showing goodwill and dropping their prices to help make this happen – so-long budget-busting airfare, for now at least.

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Flight prices to Rome have been cut

British Airways is the first to be dropping their regular prices on all flights to London, Europe and North America, booked before May 18 (so, like NOW) – travel date must be before November 30.

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An all-in return flight from Dubai to the UK with British Airways can be booked for as little as Dhs2,229, with a flight from Dubai to North America via London costing a similarly attractive Dhs3,064.

From Abu Dhabi, a return flight to London will set you back Dhs2,210, and to North America via London Dhs3,068.

Why are they doing this? British Airways are making an effort to tempt UAE residents to book an escape from the soon-to-be searing summer temperatures.

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However, you don’t necessarily have to fly British Airways to score a cheap fare, though. We’ve checked out some of the best fares on Skyscanner for trips to both New York and London.

Some of which are cheaper than British Airways, even with the discount (although you may have to sacrifice some luxuries)…

Top 5 fares for Dubai to New York (Leave June 20 return June 25)

  1. Qatar Airways
    DXB – Doha – John F Kennedy Airport
    John F Kennedy Airport – Doha – DXB
    Price: Dhs2,599
  2. Virgin Atlantic
    DXB – London Heathrow – Newark Liberty Airport
    John F Kennedy Airport – London Heathrow – DXB
    Price: Dhs2,996
  3. Saudia
    DXB – King Khalid International – John F Kennedy Airport
    John F Kennedy Airport – King Abdulaziz Airport – DXB
    Price: Dhs3,002
  4. Gulf Air
    DXB – Bahrain International – London Heathrow -John F Kennedy Airport
    John F Kennedy Airport – London Heathrow – Bahrain International – DXB
    Price: Dhs3,469
  5. Emirates
    DXB – John F Kennedy Airport
    John F Kennedy Airport – DXB
    Price: Dhs3,595
new york british airways

Why not escape to New York?

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Top 5 fares for Dubai to London (Leave June 20 return June 25)

  1. Pegasus Airlines
    DXB – Sabiha Gökçen International – Stanstead Airport
    Standstead Airport -Sabiha Gökçen International – DXB
    Price: Dhs1,312
  2. Atlas Global
    Sharjah International Airport – Istanbul Atatürk Airport – Luton Airport
    Luton Airport – Istanbul Atatürk Airport – Sharjah International Airport
    Price: Dhs1,457
  3. Oman Air
    DXB – Muscat International Airport – London Heathrow
    London Heathrow – Muscat International Airport – DXB
    Price: Dhs1,598
  4. Ukraine International
    DXB – Boryspil International – London Gatwick
    London Gatwick – Boryspil International – DXB
    Price: Dhs1,688
  5. Turkish Airlines
    DXB – Istanbul Atatürk Airport – London Heathrow
    London Gatwick – Istanbul Atatürk Airport – DXB
    Price: Dhs1,854
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Fancy a British summer in London?

Source: Skyscanner

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