IN PARTNERSHIP: Breton, the illustrious Brazilian luxury furniture design company boasting over 55 years of rich history, is poised to make its mark on the international stage with the inauguration of its first flagship store in Dubai.

With an existing footprint of 19 stores across Brazil, this strategic move signifies Breton’s ambitious foray into new territories, starting with the cosmopolitan hub of Dubai.

Situated in the prestigious residential district along Al Wasl Road, Breton’s Dubai flagship spans an impressive 2,300 square meters. The choice of Dubai as the launchpad for its global expansion was deliberate, owing to the city’s cosmopolitan allure, burgeoning luxury market, and exponential retail growth, which has soared to $10 billion over the past decade.

André Rivkind, CEO of Breton, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, “We are attentive to significant business opportunities, and that’s why we chose Dubai to host this new challenge. It is very important for the brand to spread its ideals and values internationally, as well as to carry the name of Brazil and national design linked to the quality and sophistication of our products.”

Backing Breton’s endeavor is local investor Rohit Prem Khemani, whose blend of Brazilian and Indian heritage, coupled with astute business acumen, positions him as a catalyst for the brand’s expansion plans across the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

The Dubai flagship epitomizes elegance and innovation, housed within a meticulously renovated villa featuring multiple levels, a rooftop garden, and open outdoor spaces conducive to hosting events for architects and designers. Notably, the Glass Gallery, conceived by renowned Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques, serves as a striking showcase for Breton’s latest furniture collection, accentuating the brand’s commitment to design excellence.

Daniel Pegoraro, Director of Product, Style, and Image for Breton, underscored the brand’s distinctive allure, stating, “Breton’s differentiating factor lies in its original design crafted by prominent and acclaimed names in Brazilian design, and all products can be fully customized.”

Moreover, Breton’s commitment to sustainability remains unwavering, with the Dubai unit adhering to eco-friendly practices akin to its stores in Brazil. From waste recycling to planting trees in the Atlantic Forest through a partnership with the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica, Breton’s eco-conscious initiatives underscore its dedication to environmental stewardship.

With a legacy built on sophistication, distinctive design, and a steadfast commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Breton has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the high-end furniture market.

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