holderWe are absolutely smitten with the new cafe, Comptoir 102 on Jumeriah Beach Road.

Comptoir, French for ‘counter’, is a new café / boutique housing everything from trinket jewels to travel guides and comfy sofas, while at the same time serving a wholesome healthy, organic menu.

Set in Jumeriah 1 in a one-storey outlet, Comptoir 102 is unique in its low-key appearance. It almost feels like you’ve popped around to your friends house for a morning Americano and slice of cheesecake, except this cheesecake doesn’t have sugar, dairy or gluten in it.

After hearing the venue mentioned a few times recently, EW thought it was high time we went to see what all the fuss was about. So early last Saturday morning we jumped in the car and headed along the beach road for a breakfast treat.


The interior exudes a bohemian vibe with simple wooden tables, metal chairs and woven rugs. Sat in the light airy dining room we felt like we could be in a cool shabby chic Californian hangout.

Now on to what you’ve been waiting for, the food. The menu is ‘based on traditional dietary wisdom’ and cooked by dietary nutrition expert and chef Chris Clarke, who carefully selects ingredients and prepares the food with digestion in mind.


First up was the freshly pressed juice, we opted for an Energy Kick juice that contains carrot, fennel and ginger and promises to provide a burst of energy without spiking blood sugar levels. We also ordered an Immunity juice made up of apple, carrot and ginger with immune-boosting properties. Both were tasty and certainly kicked some life into us!

Next up was breakfast. Out of the eight choices we picked the Buckwheat pancakes with scrambled eggs and avocado and the intriguing Créme Budwig, a dish adapted from the recipe of health Doctor Dr.Kousinmine, basically the healthiest choice on the menu packed with nutrients and goodness.


Incredibly light yet filling, gluten-free Buckwheat pancakes served with organic eggs and guacamole


No complaints whatsoever!


The ‘bowl of goodness’ is made up of pureed banana and apple with lemon juice and blended with Omega3 oil, almonds and seeds

Although portions may seem small, they are actually the right size and exactly what we should be eating at meal times, not overeating that we all do too often when dining out.


We finished with a Mango & Raspberry smoothie made from dairy free, home-made almond milk. We thought it was delicious but some may get an unexpected surprise as almond milk has an acquired taste.

The amazing thing about this place is you will leave guilt-free and feel like you’ve had a lesson in nutrition. You will discover that everything on the menu is positively good for you and for those items that are lacking in nutrients such as the buckwheat pancakes, you’ll find that they are fat-free, yet filling. We left feeling energised, clean, full and ready to attack the day.


Next time we’ll stop by for a two course lunch and during Ramadan we’ll be enjoying the iftar menu available.

Our only wish is for Comptoir 102 to open their doors on Fridays too!


And if the tasty food wasn’t enough, this French diner also sells the best boho acessories in town – think trinkets, pendants, perfumes and don’t miss out on their summer sale on the espadrilles.


Until next weekend Comptoir 102


102, Beach Rd.

Jumeriah1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: 971 4 385 4555

Fax: 971 4 385 4556

Email: contact@comptoir102.com

Closed Fridays

Open Sat- Thurs 8.30am-7pm