Brazil has produced some of the world’s sexiest women –  from Gisele Bundchen to Adriana Lima. 

So, if your goal involves looking great instead of hitting a ball into the back of a net, there is plenty to learn from these sizzling starlets. Over the next few days we will be revealing the beauty secrets of the country’s top models.

Here’s how to get Adriana Lima’s bikini body…

Kicking off: This Brazilian babe is a firm believer in the ethos that you are what you eat – so she must be tucking into some fantastic produce to be in such great shape. But the 32-year-old makes no bones about the fact it isn’t easy being lean; this mother-of-two has plenty of clean, wholesome foods and lots of boxing to thank for her amazing body.


On the ball: “Everything that goes in to your body is going to show up on the outside,” she says. “You’re going to see it in your skin and your hair and your nails. If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flax seed oil or a flax seed pill. It’s great! It will make your hair super-shiny and it’s going to grow fast.” She sticks to lean, whole foods and avoids snacking where possible: “I eat mostly green vegetables like asparagus and spinach. For breakfast or lunch I like them steamed, raw or both. If you like to snack, I suggest blackberries and blueberries. You can eat them all day. Just carry them with you, and they actually help you burn your fat cells, so you can eat them as much as you want.”


“Boxing and jumping rope!” are the secrets to the supermodel’s amazing curves, and Adriana hits the gym as often as she can with former champion boxer and international fitness expert Michael Olajide Jr. She works out in Miami and New York, but says it’s getting into the boxing ring that she loves most – when she finds time in her hectic schedule. “It’s something that’s always new. I work out when I can—it is definitely hard with work and my two kids. I like intense workouts, nothing slow. I like to sweat. I love jumping rope. It’s something that can travel. You can carry it in your bag and do it anywhere.”

Scores for: Being a good role model by not skimping on her diet, and making it clear you need to eat a wide range of foods to help your body function properly. “I eat a balanced diet,” she says. “The secret is to watch your portions but I also work out a lot. Working out a lot isn’t necessary but I am very active and my body can endure intense workouts. I love working out and food is a source of energy, so it’s very important.”


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Words:  Sarah James/Feats Press

Images: Instagram