An incredible discovery has been made in the UAE – a bright pink lake.

The unearthing of this unique nature spot was by an Emirati student, Ammar Al Farsi who is from Sharjah.

Using a drone, the 19-year-old captured the stunning shots which he shared to social media.

The lake is found amongst the Saraya Islands, which are located the emirate of Ras AL Khaimah.

Per Al Khaleej Daily, the size of the lake is estimated to be around 40 metres long and 10 metres wide.

But the biggest question on our minds is, why exactly is it pink?

Well, according to the Director-General of the Environment Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah, Dr. Saif Al Ghais, it’s something to do with the amount of algae in the water, but this cannot be conclusive until a sample is taken from the lake itself.

“The water discolouration and its transformation to pink is due to the proliferation of red algae, which include more than 4,000 species,” he told Al Khaleej.

What a fabulous discovery for a 19-year-old to make!

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Images: Ammar Al Farsi Twitter