In presenting these new Plume de Paon pieces, Boucheron introduces the “Spread Your Wings” campaign, featuring two of the Maison’s spokesmodels, Alexa Chung and Hannah Quinlivan.

Frédéric Boucheron, a visionary captivated by nature’s beauty, intricately wove the essence of the natural world into his jewellery creations. One such historical motif, the Plume de Paon, made its debut at Boucheron in the 1860s, adorning hair jewellery and brooches.

Now, over a century later, the Creative Studio continues to reimagine the Plume de Paon, paying homage to its airy elegance with ten fresh designs. These creations seem to whisper the well-guarded secrets of Boucheron’s craftsmanship, whether nestled against the skin, woven into hair, or gracing the ear.

A Featherweight Marvel

The ingenious use of titanium, a metal three times lighter than gold, allows jewellery craftsmen to shed precious grams from these new Plume de Paon pieces, granting them an exquisite ethereal quality. The signature technique of “openworking,” which involves delicately removing metal from beneath the stones, not only lightens the piece but also allows light to dance in both directions, enhancing the sparkle of diamonds and colored stones.

Immitation of life

For the first time, this collection mirrors the gradation of colours found in a real peacock feather. These hues aren’t solely the result of diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites, and tanzanites; an anodization treatment is meticulously applied to the titanium, creating a precious gradient of bluish greens that gracefully fade at the extremities.

Airy Litheness

In a touching tribute to Frédéric Boucheron’s visionary spirit, the Studio has crafted astonishingly lifelike peacock feather creations that sway with the gentlest breeze. A special articulation system liberates each strand, allowing them to move independently, mimicking the supple grace of real plumage. Each detail is painstakingly hand-crafted to capture the essence of nature’s own artistry.

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Images: Supplied by Boucheron