Firmly cementing the importance of this region, Boucheron has proudly unveiled its newest campaign dedicated to the Middle East, celebrating the power of friendship and the pleasures of sharing.

Telling the story of sisterhood between six incredible women, all personalities from this region, who embody key values of family and empathy, something which the jewellery house holds dear to its core DNA.

Titled ‘Share More’, the campaign tells a story in three parts, search showcasing exquisite pieces designed by the house of Boucheron.


The narrative begins with the six inspiring women all wearing pieces from the Maison’s iconic line, Quatre Classique Edition, as they share a moment of love and friendship together.

Continuing the narrative, the women are once again seen together, this time by a pool wearing Quatre Blue and White Edition, reflecting the azure shade of the water.

Boucheron Middle East

As the story comes to a close, we go to the centre of the desert, where a crossroads of introspection is depicted, whilst also unveiling the new Serpent Bohème Solarité collection.

Reflecting the mantra of the campaign, Boucheron has partnered with Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts – an organisation that works with Emirates Red Crescent – to design an exclusive set of ceramic plates. Perfect for storing jewellery in, these sets will be offered to clients and guests of the jewellery house with the idea of sharing being at the heart of it – one is to be kept, one to be given to a loved one.

Boucheron Middle East

The celebrated campaign will be live across the Middle East until April 30, 2022, with boutiques set to showcase the campaign’s colours in the windows, as well as Boucheron’s iconic collections.

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