We’ve always thought Bottega Veneta pieces were investments to last a lifetime, but now the fashion house is proving that’s 100 per cent the case.

The Maison has introduced a new service offering customers a ‘Certificate of Craft’ which entails a lifetime warranty for their iconic bags starting this month.

As distinctive craftsmanship continues to lie at its helm, these heirloom pieces pay homage to the house’s legacy and vision of creating longstanding bags which stand the test of time.

“Bottega Veneta is an extraordinary craft with exquisite design and creativity,” Bottega Veneta’s CEO, Leo Rongone said of the new warranty. “The Certificate of Craft is born out of a desire to offer our clients a superior service of long-term preservation of their products.

“Our intention is to maintain products in use for longer, reducing the need for replacement.”

As a financially-savvy purchase, the house’s timeless bags will be offered with the Certificate of Craft for unlimited refresh and repair on each bag at each of the house’s boutique stores. Through a physical card with a unique serial number, these precious can be given lifetime hassle-free service.

The service will initially be offered with the brand’s classic handbag styles, followed by its newer designs.

So if you’re on the hunt for a new Bottega bag, here are all the editor-approved picks.

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Images: Instagram @newbottega