For those working 9-to-5, sitting at the same spot for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week can get pretty mundane. Especially, if your desk is identical to the 30 next to you.

Remember when most people worked from home during the pandemic and did up their corners to motivate themselves to work? Apply similar energy to your work desk. Clutter and lack of organisation can hamper your productivity.

Your chaos may be calculated, but it doesn’t help with the constant anxiety of finding everything under a pile of mess (especially when you’re working on a deadline).

Everyone has that family photo frame or a travel memento from their trip to Europe ages ago, but none of these personalised items helps you regulate your day or make you feel better during the long hours.



Be mindful of your setup – keep it minimal but personalised. Think scented candles, diffusers, fresh flowers, magazines or even productivity journals.

The concept of keeping an emotional support water bottle may seem bizarre to many — but, if it’s hydrating you while being your arm candy everywhere, what’s the problem again?

Working long hours doing high-intensity jobs without slowing down and making the process easier for yourself can cause burnout. Of course, this isn’t a replacement for human connections or actual time out, but making a place your own with things that bring you joy will ultimately make you more pleasant during the day.

If you’re looking for inspiration to do up your desk and add needful products, look no further.

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Feature Images: Pinterest (Movie: The Intern)