As a myriad of studios in Dubai have officially become a home for Pilates classes, finding what to wear is just as important as the workout.

Known to have a host of health benefits, Pilates has been adopted by several celebrities around the globe including Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner and more and if there’s one this we can’t get over, it’s their comfortable yet aesthetic attire.

This once forgotten exercise trend has made a comeback since it was first invented by Joseph Pilates a century ago. With social media being the force behind its resurgence, this popular workout channels the mind-body connection to achieve precise, controlled movements that promote alignment, balance and strength.

So, for those who wish to incorporate Pilates into their fitness routine, it’s crucial to select an outfit that allows for a wide range of motion and provides support where needed. Be it form-fitting tops and flexible bottoms, the overall look should project comfort, functionality and personal style.

To see what Pilates outfits complement the workout, swipe through our guide of pieces to consider for you next shopping spree.

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