When it comes to your child’s development, developing good emotional intelligence is key to self-expression, which is instrumental in overall growth.

Creative self-expression is a great path to expressing our individuality in various areas. This is where LEGO® DUPLO® can help.

Playing with LEGO® DUPLO® playsets are a great way to develop kids’ emotional intelligence including self-expression.

Developing self-expression in children allows them to be authentic, become their best self and reach their full potential. And that is indeed the key to happiness and real fulfilment in every child’s and parents’ life.

Building exciting stories

Play with your little one and create your own stories together. Just let your imagination run wild! Imagine how young creative creators put two bricks together and create an evil dragon? Children improve their creative skills while creating wonderful stories, and this also allows parents to learn a lot about who their kids are and what is important for them.

And what’s more, children can discover much about themselves too and express who they are. Finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are, they will slowly become more self-aware and confident in everything they do. Playing with LEGO DUPLO will also help them to understand, manage and express emotions. Let them share their feelings and ideas in the safe place of LEGO DUPLO play.

Games with your kids

Playing games one-on-one with your little ones will always be useful in developing their self-expression and confidence. A fun one to start with is ‘Blind Build’, where a parent covers their child’s eyes, and then builds a construction using just six bricks. The blindfolded child is given the construction and spends time feeling how the bricks are placed together, and then returns it. They can then remove their blindfold, and replicate the model that they touched. Colours are not important – only the shapes are – and the parent can give clues to help them along. Two children can play the game together too.

Similarly, playing describing games will aid in their speech and vocabulary development. Playing with construction toys, such as ‘What is it?’ and ‘Communication House’ from the LEGO Six bricks booklet (which you can find here). These games, and others that encourage children to describe what they are doing well enough for their friends to build items based on their descriptions, are great ways to stimulate thoughtful communication.

A universe of possibilities

There is no right or wrong way to play with LEGO DUPLO bricks because everything is possible in the LEGO DUPLO universe! Kids can easily recreate the models or build something completely new. LEGO DUPLO is a great tool for kids’ development on so many levels! Kids will improve their motor skills while combining and stacking the elements together, work on their problem-solving skills when seeking logical solutions, and learn how to persevere in order to achieve their desired goal. This will make them better equipped to face all the challenges life brings!

Perfect for small hands and curious minds

LEGO DUPLO bricks are double the size of the regular LEGO brick; twice the length, height and width making them easier to handle for younger builders aged 1,5-5 years old. But the great thing is, they are completely compatible with traditional LEGO System Bricks so as your child grows they can continue to use these bricks for their more advance building projects.

Play tips

Kids may become whoever they imagine in LEGO DUPLO roleplay. Practice farm animal sounds together and praise your child for being so compassionate and responsible while caring for all the animals. Role-playing imaginative stories about aeroplane journeys and family reunions lets parents and preschoolers share amazing adventures and precious developmental milestones. Don’t forget to share your happiness and be proud of their accomplishments.

The Hero Buys

LEGO DUPLO is available at all good toy retailers including ELC & plus online stores such as First Cry, Noon, Amazon. And of course, their very own LEGO® certified stores.

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